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Landmark College study abroad and study away programs are three weeks long. In general, two programs are offered during January term and four are offered in the summer.

Upcoming Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Please click on the link for each destination for complete information including program descriptions, syllabi, and past programs’ itineraries and blogs.

January 2020 offerings—applications closed:

  • Caribbean Islands: January 5 – 24; EDU2041: Lifestyles for Learning (3 credits); and PHE1168: Beginning Boating Skills (1 credit)
  • London: New Program! January 4 – 24: Special Topics—The Body Politic: The Political as Persona in British Dramatic Literature (3000-level, 3 credits)

Summer 2020 offerings—applications open Monday, December 2, application deadline Monday, February 24:

  • Netherlands: May 23 – June 13; EDU2011: Comparative Education (3 credits)
  • New Zealand: June 12 – July 4 or 5*; COM2051: Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
  • Alaska: New Program! +/-July 5 – 24; Special Topics: Natural Resources and Sustainability (4 credits)
  • Germany: July 26 – August 16; HIS2721: Cities at War (3 credits)

*Depending on flights, the New Zealand program may arrive in the U.S. late on July 4 or early on July 5.

Recent programs not offered in 2020 include Australia, Botswana, Costa Rica, Ireland, Japan, London (History), and Scotland.

Past programs not in our current rotation include Chile, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

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