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Welcome to Health, Counseling & Wellness

The goal of the Landmark College Health, Counseling, and Wellness staff is to support and enhance the health and wellness of the Landmark College community. We offer high quality care to our students, as well as training and consultation to the College community. Our Health Services and Counseling Services departments work closely together to create a welcoming environment for students in which they can feel safe to ask difficult questions and explore new avenues of success.

Health and counseling services are free to all students attending Landmark College. Charges may be incurred for vaccines, prescriptions, flu shots, or hard goods such as knee, wrist, or ankle immobilizers or splints. These charges will be billed to tuition accounts. 

All new and returning students will be automatically billed for and enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan unless they have other, comparable coverage AND complete the Online Decision Form to decline the insurance AND submit a copy of their health insurance card to Landmark College Health Services.

Health Services and Counseling Services are located on the 2nd floor of the Strauch Family Student Center.

Health Services Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Counseling Services Hours

Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To make an appointment for Health Services or Counseling Services, contact Cindy Brown between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 802-387-1636 or, or drop by the office.

In case of emergency, please call Health Services (during regular business hours), Campus Safety, or 911. The Health Services phone number is 802-387-6753 or 802-387-6302. The office can also be reached at 802-387-1636. Campus Safety is at 802-387-6899. Please provide the following information:

  • The name of the student
  • What is happening (is the person bleeding, having chest pains, a seizure, etc.)
  • The specific location of the individual having the emergency

Follow any and all directions that Health Services may give you (such as to return to the student, call 911 immediately, or bring the student to Health Services).

If Health Services is closed, or otherwise unavailable to respond to a medical emergency, call emergency services at 911. At the first available opportunity, please notify Campus Safety at 802-387-6899 or an on-call member of the Residential staff at 802-380-6781.

After Hours Care

If the medical concern is not immediate and can wait until Health Services reopens, please do so.

Brattleboro Primary Care supports Health Services with after hours care. Their regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you require assistance during this time and Health Services is closed, call Brattleboro Primary Care at 802-258-3905.

If it is after hours, a weekend, or a holiday, call Brattleboro Primary Care at the same number (802-258-3905). You will get the answering service. Ask for the doctor on call for Pediatric Medicine for Brattleboro Primary Care. Keep in mind that this answering service covers many businesses in the area other than Landmark College Health Services, so you must be clear in who you are asking for.

When the doctor returns your call, identify yourself as a Landmark College student and explain your medical issue. The doctor will advise you, ask you to come to the office, or refer you to the emergency room at Brattleboro Hospital. The benefit of calling the on-call doctor first is that they will call ahead or meet you in the emergency room.

Directions to Brattleboro Primary Care from Landmark College:

Take 91 South to Exit 1. At the end of the ramp, take a left onto Belmont Avenue. Take a left at the Hospital sign. Brattleboro Primary Care is the large building with the green roof at the end of the parking lot.

A mental health emergency is an emotional or behavioral crisis that warrants immediate attention by a mental health professional.

Take immediate action if you or someone you know expresses or exhibits the following:

  • Suicidal thoughts, statements, or attempts
  • Impulses or threats to hurt self or other
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Severe mental confusion or disorientation
  • Incoherent or disjointed speech
  • Loss of contact with reality, including hearing or seeing things that are not there or beliefs that are unrealistic
  • Extreme panic
  • Having just been a victim of violence or assault
  • Not being able to care for oneself

During Regular Office Hours

If it is Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can:

  • Call Counseling Services at 802-380-1636 and describe the situation
  • Visit Counseling Services immediately on the second floor of the Student Center                                    

After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays

  • Call Campus Safety at 802-387-6899
  • Call the on-call RD at 802-380-6781
  • Call 911
  • Speak with a member of the campus Residential Life staff, or visit the college’s Campus Safety office, located in the lower level of Davis Hall.

If you are living off-campus, you should:

  • Call the local Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) Crisis Team at 1-800-622-4235 
  • Call 911

Emergency Mental Health Assessments

When there is a need for an emergency mental health assessment, a student may be sent to the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.  Evaluations are conducted by local Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) Crisis Team clinicians. Students and/or their insurance companies are billed for these face-to-face evaluations. Students transported to the ER by ambulance will be financially responsible for those services.

We want our students to feel comfortable engaging Landmark College Health Services just as they would their primary care provider at home. Our primary mission is to enhance the learning environment at Landmark College by improving and maintaining the health, personal growth, and well-being of our students. We accomplish this mission by providing high quality, timely, prevention-oriented care as well as outreach and education based on the needs of our students and the College community at large.

Health Services is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends and holidays. Students should make appointments by contacting Cindy Brown at 802 387-1636 or We encourage students to be seen by appointment; however, students with acute health concerns can also walk in to Health Services to be seen during our regular business hours.

Health Services appreciates the value of diversity and is committed to offering respectful and confidential care to all Landmark College students. We value difference in race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, and veteran status. We strive to remain responsive to the needs of all of our students and to provide care in a safe and supportive environment, maximizing wellness and allowing LC students to enjoy the full college experience. If you have health concerns or are experiencing symptoms, don't sit in wonder and worry--come to Health Services!

Landmark College Health Services provides a broad range of services including:

  • Health screening and prevention (physical exams, health risk assessments, vaccinations)
  • Management of acute and chronic illness and injuries
  • Infections (sore throat, cold and flu, urinary tract infections)
  • Injuries (sprains, wounds, concussions)
  • Symptoms (abdominal pain, fatigue, rashes)
  • Chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, migraines, acne
  • Sexual health (pap smears, contraception, sexually transmitted infection testing)
  • Health care and education specific to men and women
  • Transgender health. We realize that transgender students are sometimes hesitant to access health care, so we work to create and maintain an environment where students can ask questions and get answers and care with compassion in a supportive environment.
  • Support for tobacco treatment
  • Depression, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Alcohol and drug abuse (initial evaluation and recommendations)

When necessary, we provide referral to appropriate medical specialists and ancillary services (e.g. physical therapy, massage, etc.).

Lab Work

Health Services does not have its own laboratory; however, we do draw blood to be sent to an off-site lab. In addition to testing ordered by the provider here, we are able to do tests ordered by an outside physician.

The lab tests are done by Quest Diagnostics. Routine labs are drawn on Wednesday. Appointments are made between 9 and 11:30 a.m. Accommodations are made to draw blood on other days/times if necessary.

If your provider orders lab work to be done while you are at Landmark College, they must provide a written order listing the tests to be done, as well as a diagnostic code. The ordering provider's name, address, telephone number, and fax number must be on the order. This information is provided to Quest. A report is sent to the ordering provider, and a report is sent to Health Services and is placed in the student’s chart.

Flu Clinic

Health Services offers Flu Clinics each year. We strongly urge all students to get a flu shot! The dates of the Flu Clinics will be publicized on campus. The vaccine can be paid for by cash, check, or Landmark points on campus card. For upcoming dates, please contact Health Services at 802-387-1636.

Allergy Shots

We do not offer allergy injections in-house at Health Services; however, arrangements can be made for students to get their allergy injections done in a local medical practice in Brattleboro. Students will need to provide insurance cards, as these visits will be billed to insurance.

Transportation to and from the visit can be provided for students who need it. A fee of $16 per hour will be charged to the student’s tuition account.

Appointments and transportation will be arranged through Health Services. Students should bring their serum with them to arrange initial appointments. Students are required to provide the following:

  • A precise schedule of dosage and frequency of administration from the prescribing provider
  • The prescribing provider's name, address, phone number, fax number, and office hours
  • Instructions for altering the schedule due to missed/late appointments
  • Vials that are all clearly marked with the name of the student, contents, and expiration date

New allergy patients must receive their first dose of serum in their prescribing allergist’s office.

Women's Health

Health Services provides a wide range of women's health services. These include annual gynecological exams and pap smears, STI testing, consultation about contraceptive choices, prescribing birth control pills, evaluation and treatment of vaginal and urinary tract infections, and information about the HPV vaccine.

An annual gynecological exam should be performed yearly on all women 21 or older, or as indicated by history.

Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling gives you the opportunity to speak with a counseling professional about concerns and issues that are upsetting you. Working with a counselor can help you resolve troubling issues, learn new skills, and aid in building your resilience so that you can take full advantage of your experience at Landmark College.

Psychiatric Services and Referrals

We have a local independent psychiatrist who is on campus several times a month for those students who need a local prescriber. Students wishing to meet with this psychiatrist must meet with one of our counselors first for an intake, and the psychiatrist may require a student to meet regularly with a Landmark College counselor while providing medication management.

Students wishing to to meet with the psychiatrist on campus need to download and fill out the forms required by the provider's office. The forms can be faxed to Landmark College at 802-387-1644 or dropped off at our office. Please contact our office coordinator, Cindy Brown at 802-387-1636 if you have any questions.

If you require extended or specialized mental health services, we are happy to help facilitate a referral to a local off-campus provider.


The Counseling staff provides consultation around mental health issues to faculty, staff, parents, student organizations, and students. Our goal is to support a holistic approach to the particular learning challenges and developmental stresses faced by Landmark College students. We are committed to supporting members of the Landmark community in addressing the mental health concerns of our students.

Alcohol, Other Drugs (AOD), and Addictions

Counseling Services has a drug and alcohol counselor who offers information, substance abuse assessments and support. AOD educational groups are scheduled throughout the year, as well as related program offerings.

Sexual Respect Coordinator

We have a counselor who is available to help students who have experienced sexual assaults or any troubling sexual interactions that feel confusing or violating. This counselor is a confidential resource for students and will not participate in judicial or other disciplinary hearings.

Training and Education

Our staff provides education and training opportunities for all members of the Landmark community.  Classroom visits, workshops for staff, faculty and students, presentations to parents, and orientation activities are among our annual offerings.

Groups and Workshops

Counseling Services may offer groups and workshops that focus on specific topics such as Anxiety and Stress, Addiction Support, Social Skills, Transitioning to Landmark, and other topics

Landmark College Health Services and Counseling Services are confidential for students over age 18. (See details below under Frequently Asked Questions.) The Counseling staff offers resources for families and friends, including consultations.

Family members often have a long history of being actively involved in their student’s education and other support services. As a result, the transition to college and the letting-go process can be particularly complex for Landmark College families. Below is some information about how we might be of service to you.

Services for Students

Counseling Services offers confidential, time-limited individual and group counseling as well as urgent walk-in appointments, emergency mental health services, and psycho-educational programming. Students bring a variety of concerns to counseling, such as homesickness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship problems, alcohol, drug and addiction issues, sexuality concerns, eating concerns, and many other personal and developmental issues.

Consultations with Family Members

If you are worried about a student, we want to hear from you. Speaking with a counselor may help you to put things in perspective, or figure out how best to offer advice or support. Although our confidentiality guidelines may prohibit us from letting you know if your student is in counseling (or the content of sessions), we encourage you to communicate your concerns to us at any time.

It is understandable that concerned family members might want to check and see if their student is coming to counseling and making progress. Nevertheless, confidentiality is vital to the success of the counseling process. We, as mental health professionals, are bound to adhere to the legal and professional guidelines that are in place to protect the privacy of those students with whom we work. Therefore, without a student’s signed consent, we are unable to release any information, including whether or not they have contacted us or come to counseling. This is true even if they have given you verbal consent to speak with their counselor.

Under very specific conditions, we may be required to break confidentiality, but if possible, this will be done in collaboration with the student and with their consent.

In a Mental Health Emergency

If you are worried about a student's safety, we encourage you to contact us. Family members and friends are often the first people who identify when a student is in distress or with whom students communicate when they are in emotional turmoil. If you have a serious concern and think your student may be at risk of imminent harm, please contact Counseling Services or the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

On-Campus Contacts:

  • Counseling Services: 802-387-1636
  • Vice President for Student Affairs: 802-387-6713
  • Health Services: 802-387-6753
  • Parent Services: 802-387-6714
  • Campus Safety: 802-387-6899

 If you cannot get in touch with Counseling or the Vice President for Student Affairs, please call Campus Safety at 802-387-6899, or call 911.

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Services & Counseling Services

  • Health Services does not have its own pharmacy. Students can fill their prescriptions at any local pharmacy.

    The Hotel Pharmacy in Brattleboro delivers daily to Landmark College.

    There are two different approaches to getting prescriptions at Landmark College:

    1. Continue relying on your prescribing provider at home.

    • Preferred when you have an established, positive relationship with your prescribing provider
    • Preferred when insurance benefits limit provider choice and/or out-of-state provider access
    • Requires planning ahead for appointments to coincide with visits home
    • Requires making arrangements to have prescriptions filled at home pharmacies and getting them mailed
    • Requires understanding your provider's availability in case you have to report concerns or problems—or secure a refill prescription

    2. Establish a relationship with the Landmark College provider or a local provider in the Landmark College area.

    • Preferred when your current prescribing provider cannot continue with medication management
    • Preferred when you cannot get the support mechanisms in place to have prescriptions filled at home
    • Requires planning and scheduling ahead
    • Requires verification that both the provider and services are covered by your insurance, if benefits are a consideration for you

    Prescription Delivery

    Whether a student has a prescription from their provider at home or is prescribed medication during a visit to Health Services, the student can request that their prescription be sent to the Hotel Pharmacywhich offers daily prescription delivery to campus. 

    Students are responsible for coordinating their own payment of co-pays for all prescriptions obtained through the Hotel Pharmacy. To have co-pays charged to a credit card, students or parents should contact the pharmacy directly to set up an account with their payment information.

    Any U.S. physician or health care provider with prescriptive privileges can electronically send or call in prescriptions to the Hotel Pharmacy . All written prescriptions must be on tamper-proof pads. Controlled substances, such as stimulants for ADD, require a hard copy prescription or an electronic prescription. Faxes or copies will not be accepted.

    Hotel Pharmacy Delivery

    Three staff members stand below awning that says HOTEL PHARMACYHotel Pharmacy is located in Brattleboro inside a restored 1880 brick church at 20 Elliott Street. Hotel Pharmacy has been a family-operated, locally owned independent pharmacy since 1982. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

    Phone: 802-254-2303 
    Fax: 802-257-0023

    Deliveries are made Monday through Friday by 3 p.m. and additional times as needed. There are no deliveries on weekends. Prescriptions are usually delivered the same day, depending on the time of day they are received by the pharmacy.

  • This list of dentists and dental offices is offered for your convenience and does not reflect an endorsement of the individual/office or an assurance that they are accepting new patients at this time.

    Aspen Dental
    927 Putney Road
    Brattleboro, VT
    New patients call 802-342-4633

    Dental Health
    Dr. David Neumeister
    Dr. Thomas Heydinger
    1046 Western Avenue
    Brattleboro, VT
    New patients call 802-254-2385

    Horizon Dental Associates
    72 Landmark Hill Drive
    Brattleboro, VT

    Professional Dental Care
    Gerald Thebarge
    Jacqueline Fellows
    72 High Street
    Brattleboro, VT

    Oral Surgeon:

    Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery Associates
    368 Canal Street
    Brattleboro, VT

  • If you would like records sent to another medical facility or college, you must sign an Authorization to Release Form available in the Health Center. It will outline the specific information that you are requesting. You will need the name, address, phone and fax number of the physician, medical facility or college that you are sending records to. If you are under age 18, this request must be signed by a parent or guardian.

  • Health Services

    All medical records are confidential and are maintained separately from academic records. Services are provided on a strictly confidential basis. No information is released to anyone without the student’s written authorization. This includes parents (unless the student is under 18). There are, however, certain c/ircumstances in which confidentiality is waived:

    • When there is risk of imminent harm to self or others, the Health Services staff has a legal and ethical duty to do whatever is necessary to protect life.
    • A clinician may share pertinent information with other professional staff members, or with consulting physicians or Emergency Room staff, for the purpose of providing the best possible care to students.
    • A court ordered subpoena could require Health Services to release information contained in records or require Health Services staff to testify in court.


    The Counseling staff is committed to protecting students' privacy, and we believe that counseling is most effective when students feel comfortable speaking openly with their counselor. 

    We abide by current codes of professional ethics, as well as by state and federal laws protecting your counseling records. With the exceptions noted below, or as required by law, no information about your contact with Counseling Services is available to anyone outside of Health and Counseling (including college personnel, parents, family members, friends, or outside agencies) without your written permission.

    Exceptions to Confidentiality in Counseling

    • If it is deemed necessary in order to protect you or someone else from physical harm. In this context, we are legally obligated to take steps to help prevent the harm from happening. In a situation such as this, your counselor may need to contact your family and/or college officials
    • If you provide information indicating child or elder abuse, we are legally required to notify proper authorities.
    • In the event of a court order

    Parent Access to Records

    If the student is over 18, parents and guardians will not have access to their medical records, nor will Health Services staff be allowed to share information regarding medical issues.

    The student may choose to sign an authorization allowing us to share information. This authorization can be limited to certain medical issues or can encompass all of the student's medical issues while at Landmark College.

  • If you're a student under 18 and are seeking care, please contact our office for assistance or clarification of Vermont law. We’re here to help!

    State of Vermont law dictates that any individual under the age of 18 is considered a minor and in many circumstances is not capable of giving informed consent to their own medical care. In simple terms, this means that we need parent/guardian permission before we can treat a student until they turn 18. Once they are 18, permission is no longer needed. There are several important exceptions to this, as noted below.

    Minors of any age will be cared for in emergency situations which necessitate immediate treatment.

    Minors 12 years of age and older may give informed consent for treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, drug dependence, and alcohol abuse. If a minor requires hospitalization for treatment of any of these conditions, the parents must be notified of the hospitalization.

    Minors of any age may provide their own informed consent for the termination of pregnancy, or to receive medical treatment necessary to obtain contraceptive devices and medications.

    Minors of any age may provide their own informed consent for medical treatment related to rape, incest, or sexual abuse. Health care providers are required to report such incidents to the Department of Children and Families within 24 hours.

    Minors 14 years of age and older may voluntarily admit themselves to a hospital for mental health care if they provide informed consent in writing.

    Minors under the age of 14 years may voluntarily admit themselves to a hospital for mental health treatment if they provide their own written informed consent and a written application from a parent or guardian.

    Minors who are married or have ever been married; minors on active U.S military duty; and minors emancipated  by court order may give informed consent to their own health care.

    If you’re a parent or guardian and wish to give permission for us to treat your student, you may contact Health Services and give permission over the phone. Alternatively, you can complete the Consent to Treat form.

  • Sometimes talking with a friend or family member is not enough. Our counselors are trained mental health professionals with years of experience serving college students with learning differences and mental health concerns. We are personally, professionally, and legally committed to your right to privacy.

    In the first few sessions, you can share your concerns, offer relevant history, and set some counseling goals for yourself. Each counseling experience is unique and depends on your readiness and ability to commit yourself to the goals you set for yourself. The process will help you learn new ways to manage feelings and situations, and gain understanding of yourself and others.

    In some situations, a counselor might recommend that you participate in one of our groups or seek more intensive care with an off-campus provider.

  • First, make counseling appointments a priority. Focus on what is most important to you. Express your thoughts and feelings. Be open and honest within the counseling relationship. Be patient with yourself; change takes time.

  • Counseling Services at Landmark are free! Appointments are generally 45 minutes once a week. 

    Stop by Counseling Services, 2nd floor of the Strauch Family Student Center, or call 802-387-1636. Our Office Coordinator, Cindy Brown, or one of the counselors will help you fill out a request form.

    If you are on campus and connected to the Landmark College network, you may also sign up for an appointment online. Once you have submitted the form, a counselor will contact you via your Landmark College email account within three business days.    

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