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College START

Students with a learning disability (such as dyslexia), ADHD, or autism often struggle with traditional online learning. LC Online is different. Students with LD succeed. Why? Our online courses are based on approaches we have used for many years on campus and in our unique online offerings. The new College START program is for students needing key resources and support in academic and social skills areas, but in an online setting as they transition to, or even back, to college.



Apply by August 1, 2021 to be eligible for up to $2,500 in scholarships, in addition to any other financial aid you may receive.


College START students benefit from:

  • Dedicated, individualized advising and unparalleled support from faculty and staff who understand learning challenges and help students with LD develop lasting learning strategies.
  • Complete access to Landmark College’s campus resources including library, Information Technology, and intentional programming that promotes connection with residential LC students.
  • Social programming delivered through Landmark College’s Office of Student Affairs, the Center for Neurodiversity, the Centers for Diversity & Inclusion, and a specialized program to keep students engaged and to help them build lasting friendships.
  • Unique course design that reduces the barriers of traditional online learning to foster students’ success.
  • On the ground support offered on both the east and west coast.


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What’s Next?

College START creates a foundation AND a pathway for students to develop learning strategies and build the skills needed to grow strengths in and out of the classroom setting. After completing this one-year program, students can go on to earn a bachelor’s or associate degree with Landmark College or another institution, and continue their journey toward a successful career. Whatever path a College Start student chooses, they will leave the program with:

  • Improved time management and organizational skills.
  • Insight into their personal learning styles and how to make changes that lead to academic success.
  • Better skills needed to collaborate, communicate, and interact naturally and effectively in an academic, professional, or social environment.
  • The foundation and confidence needed to believe in themselves, and then succeed.

Tuition for College START is $24,500 per semester.

Courses offered include:

Course Subject Course Number
Career Exploration ADV 1140
Composition and Rhetoric WRT 1011
Digital Literacy EDU 1021
Humanities 1: Ancient and Medieval HIS 1011
Introduction to Communication COM 1011
Course Subject Course Number
Introduction to Sociology SOC 1011
Perspectives in Learning EDU 1011
Personal Finance FIN 1011
Research and Analysis WRT 1012
Internship/Job Shadowing  


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