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Five-Day Online Boot Camp

Landmark College’s 5-Day Online Boot Camp for new and continuing college students who learn differently is available nationwide!

Dates: Monday, July 17 – Friday, July 21, 2023
2022 Cost: $1,850

Do you want to feel better prepared and more confident as you begin or return to college this fall?

Are you a recent high school graduate or current college student who would like to:

  • Have a better understanding of your learning challenges?
  • Meet and learn from college students who share similar learning challenges and have found academic success?
  • Shift the way you think about your learning strengths and challenges?
  • Take a more active role in advocating for your educational needs?
  • Explore new strategies for:
    • reading and writing
    • note-taking
    • test-taking
    • online learning
    • balancing academic and personal life

If this sounds like you, don’t miss Landmark College’s 5-day Boot Camp, where our experienced faculty will help you discover:

  • What science shows us about what we can do to improve our attention, memory, and motivation
  • Strategies and perspectives to support your skills in note-taking, reading, writing, memory, and organization as a successful college student


Contact Carroll Paré

Program Details

    • Personal consultations with your professor
      • Preprogram
      • Postprogram
    • Daily face-to-face group sessions
    • Daily academic support check-ins with your professor
    • Three peer-mentor panels with Landmark College students and alumni
    • Four Learning Modules:
    • Chat sessions with LC students and alumni available throughout the program
    • A Personal Learning Plan—developed by you and supplemented by your professor

    Each learning module will help you to understand and get answers to questions like:

    Self-Identification: How would I describe my learning differences? What labels have been used to describe me and what do they mean? What are the benefits/limitations of learning labels? How “flexible” is my sense of myself as a learner?

    Self-Understanding: What are my strengths and challenges? What are my predictable patterns as a learner? What gets in the way of my academic and personal success? How does addressing out-of-classroom needs impact my academic success?

    Self-Strategies: What is the difference between study skills and learning strategies? What are some strategies I can use to be more successful? How can I improve my executive functioning and better retain academic information?

    Self-Advocacy: What does it mean to be a successful self-advocate? What is my learning profile and how can I communicate that to others? How can I be effective at getting the support I need? What are my rights under the law? What are some specific ways that I know I will need to advocate for myself?

  • NOTE: All times are Eastern Time Zone. Each module is approximately 3 – 4 hours and all are asynchronous.

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
      Pre-Boot Camp Individual Meetings (Required) Module 1:
    Module 2:
    Module 3:
    Module 4:
    1 – 2:30 p.m. Welcome and Introductions (Required) Peer-to-Peer Panel (Required) Peer-to-Peer Panel (Required) Peer-to-Peer Panel (Required) Personal Learning Plan Sharing (Required)
      Module 1:
    Module 2:
    Module 3:
    Module 4:
    Post-Boot Camp Individual Meetings (Required)
    5 – 6 p.m. Academic Support
    Check-In (Required)
    Academic Support Check-In (Required) Academic Support Check-In (Required) Academic Support Check-In (Required)
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