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Bridge Experience

Short-term, intensive support for recent high school graduates and current college students. Enrollment available for Fall and Spring semesters.



Are you a student who needs help on your Executive Function skills? A Bridge Experience is a short-term commitment that yields long term gains. With a focus on boosting learning strategies, academic skills, and self-reflection, students are able to improve their academic approach to college.

Students may elect to use Landmark College’s integrated program as a bridge to success at their home college or a transfer institution. Candidates for this short-term option have an interest in understanding their strengths and learning issues; they value the ability to work closely with their professors and other professional staff to hone their skills and learn new strategies; and they are willing to use the many support systems that Landmark College offers.

Bridge Experience Scholarship

LC offers generous financial aid for Bridge Experience students. In addition to other need and merit-based aid, the College has The Bridge Experience Scholarship. This award assists students who enter Landmark College for the sole purpose of taking the one-year Bridge Experience (either directly from high school or transfer from another college or university). The BE Scholarship ranges from $5,000 to $40,000 depending upon need and is for one year only. There are a limited number of these scholarships available so students are encouraged to apply early. If the student stays beyond one year, then the overall aid package is reassessed.

The Bridge to Success

A Landmark College semester can be a valuable stand-alone experience designed to address the many factors that impact academic success. Some of these factors include the ability to comprehend assignments accurately and efficiently, complete work in a timely manner, and create systems for organization and self-management. Some students need to focus primarily on reading comprehension and fluency, while for others, the main issue is distractibility and disorganization.

A Bridge Experience helps students:

  • Better understand their learning style
  • Become more productive and adept at academic task management
  • Develop self-advocacy skills
  • Learn how to make better use of campus resources
  • Become skilled in juggling the demands of college courses
  • Assess their readiness to return to their home college or transfer to their next college with new skill sets and enhanced self-understanding

Core Requirements

  • EDU 1011: Perspectives in Learning
    This course helps students develop self-understanding and study strategies in conjunction with learning about the brain, behavior, and cognition. Students learn about the concept of “academic task management” and the critical role it plays in academic performance. Students also learn about the legal environment related to learning disabilities to develop their self-advocacy skills.
  • WRT1011: Composition and Rhetoric
    This course emphasizes the interconnected nature of writing and reading at the college level. Students develop and refine individualized writing and critical reading processes while working with a variety of rhetorical strategies and structures. Students are asked to express their ideas and integrate material from texts through participating in class discussions, completing informal assignments, and writing academic papers of increasing length and complexity.

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Academic Electives

During new student orientation, students register for elective courses offered by the Academic Departments at Landmark College. All courses incorporate an understanding of learning differences and teaching approaches that meet the needs of diverse learners.


All bridge students are assigned an academic advisor with whom they meet on a weekly basis. The academic advisor works closely with their student to help students set goals, manage academic life, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and use academic resources.

Ready to Stop the Struggle?

Schedule a visit with the Admissions office to learn more about the Bridge Experience, including generous financial aid scholarships that are available.

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