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School of Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-- Nelson Mandela

Welcome to the School of Education. As dean, it is my privilege to work every day alongside others equally invested in providing students with a rigorous academic experience that teaches students how to think and to think for themselves. In order to change the world, we must understand how to communicate effectively, engage responsibly, and educate actively in order to become our best selves. In particular, it is our responsibility to help transform society in the ways people who learn differently are regarded.

Our mission is to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary to understand themselves as learners, become skilled in reading, writing, math and language, and become versed in the foundations of liberal knowledge so that they can be successful in career or future college endeavors. We offer required and elective courses in writing, education, reading, mathematics, and world languages. If we are to change the world, we have to know ourselves and how the world works, and we have to rely on others for support and ideas.

One thing is certain: we change the world together, not in isolation. Our school provides academic support through its advising program, center supports, career connections, and academic coaching to all students so that they may discover their abilities and their questions, and learn strategies for success that are built on a model of self- reflection and deep inquiry. Students ready to engage in academic internships or explore career paths and opportunities, will work with dedicated faculty and staff ready to help students align their interests and abilities with the many opportunities out there for internship or work experience.

There are many ways for students to get involved in the School of Education. From research opportunities in the fields of education or writing to work study positions in the centers for academic support, students are invited to engage in activities with faculty and staff who provide our educational programming. Our office of International Education welcomes international students and our Career Connections office provides one on one guidance in the exploration of career and internship paths.

-- Jill Hinckley, Dean. M.A.T. English, B.F.A, Writing.
School of Education

Meet the team:

John Kipp, Chair of Core Education. M.Ed., B.A English.

Chris Arieta, Director of Placement & First Year Programming. M.Ed. , B.S, Women’s Studies.

Debbie Gassaway Hayward, Director of Advising. M.A.T, ESL. B.A International Studies.

Jessica Lindoerfer, Director of Experiential Education

Jan Coplan, Director of Career Connections. M.A. E.d., B.A.

Jessica Nelson, Associate Director of Career Connections. M.A., B.A.

Sandy Bower, Manager of the Drake Center for Academic Support. M.A.T, ESL, B.A.

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