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Summer Programs

Spend your summer at Landmark College and discover a new way of learning! Landmark College is situated just outside the small village of Putney in picturesque southern Vermont. Putney is just nine miles from historic Brattleboro, named one of the “The 20 Best Small Towns in America” by Smithsonian Magazine.

Landmark College offers summer programs to assist a wide range of students with learning differences, including high school students, graduating high school seniors, and students enrolled at colleges around the country. Our programs are directed by Landmark College faculty, and the instructors are current Landmark College faculty and teachers from the surrounding areas who are experienced in working with students who learn differently.

All of the programs are designed to enable students to identify their learning strengths and differences; however, a diagnosed learning disability is not a requirement to participate in any Landmark College summer program. Students learn specific strategies to be successful in formal academic settings, and to give participants the opportunity to make significant changes in an intentional and supportive academic community.

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