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Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art degree at Landmark College prepares artists for graduate work in MFA programs, jobs in art education, and professional roles in art-related fields. Our curriculum exposes students to a range of art disciplines, deepens their understanding of the arts in history and culture, and promotes the acquisition and refinement of technical skills. The degree involves 16 credits of foundation work in studio art, including the completion of one focus area in any one of these disciplines:
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Photography
  • Time Based Media, including Sound Art and Video

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General Education Core—43 credits

WRT1011 Composition & Rhetoric (3 credits)
WRT1012 Research & Analysis (3 credits)
2000 level Literature (LIT), Creative Writing (CRW) or Writing (WRT) (3 credits)
EDU1011 Perspectives in Learning (3 credits)
Communications (COM) or Journalism (JRN) (3 credits)
Mathematics (MAT) (3 Credits)
Natural Sciences, including lab (NSC, BIO, ENV, CHE) (4 credits)
Social Sciences (SOC, PSY, POL or ANT) (3 credits)
World Languages (LIN, FRE, ASL, SPA) (3 credits)
HIS1031 History of World Art I
HIS1032 History of World Art II
Humanities 3 credits @ 2000-level (HIS,REL, PHI, HUM)
Humanities 3 credits @ 3000-level (HIS,REL, PHI, HUM)
INT4001 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

2000 Level Electives: 21 credits (9 of those should be ART courses)

3000-400 Level Electives: 18 credits (9 of those should be ART courses)

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art Requirements—58 credits

16 credits in Foundation Studio Art courses:

ART1100 Visual Culture Foundations (1 credit)
ART1211 2-D Foundations (3 credits)
ART1221 3-D Foundations (3 credits)
DRW1011 Drawing Foundations (3 credits)
ART1601 Digital Foundations (3 credits)
ART1301 Contemporary Art Foundations (3 credits)

24 credits of studio/design courses (18 of these credits at 3000/4000 level—6 of these credits at 2000 level), including completion of four courses in one Focus Area and the INT4001 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone. Focus areas:

  • Ceramics (CER)
  • Drawing/Painting (DRW, PNT)
  • Photography (PHO)
  • Time-Based Media, including Sound Art and Video


Christie Herbert
Program Coordinator, B.A. in Studio Art



Interested in applying?

Whether you are new to Landmark College or are a former student interested in returning for a baccalaureate degree, you can apply here. (The re-enrollment process for Landmark College alumni can be found under the Returning tab.)

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