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Centers for Academic Support

Drake Center for Academic Support

The Drake Center for Academic Support (DCAS) endeavors to create an environment where students feel comfortable seeking and making use of academic support at Landmark College. It connects students with experienced faculty and one-on-one assistance to help them effectively refine their skills and strategies as they move through semesters of increasingly challenging academic courses. The Drake Center provides services and resources that help students to become more confident, active, and independent learners.

Students are also welcome to work independently in the DCAS to complete course assignments. The DCAS provides a structured study environment where many students study effectively.

Support provided by DCAS

Writing, Reading, and Study Skills Support

  • One-on-one sessions of 30 to 60 minutes per day with experienced Landmark College faculty or staff.

  • Support with all aspects of writing, organizing time and materials, active reading/volume reading, critical thinking/reading, note taking/revision, test preparation/taking, and strategizing for academic success

Independent Work Support

A place for students to work independently and make up tests in a physical setting conducive to studying and academic work completion

Independent Work Support Plus Prompting/Monitoring

A place for students to work independently while receiving prompting and monitoring from DCAS faculty.

Important Goals and Functions of DCAS

  • Help students to improve and refine academic skills
  • Opportunity for students to lead during one-on-one sessions, rather than being told how their sessions should be conducted and what they should achieve
  • Work with students in a developmental way (more focused direction for new students; increased self-direction and independence for students in later semesters)
  • Practice for students in accessing resources, advocating for academic support, and articulating their specific academic needs

The Drake Center for Academic Support is located in the East Academic Building on the 1st floor.

Hours during Fall & Spring Semesters

Monday - Thursday  11:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Friday  11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Sunday  6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Making appointments is generally recommended and is best accomplished by three methods:

  1. Dropping by DCAS during open hours to schedule appointments ahead of time and discussing your support needs with reception-desk personnel
  2. Calling DCAS at 802-387-6839 and leaving specific contact information for a return call
  3. Emailing DCAS at (Please use email as a last resort!)

Hours for Independent Work Support Plus Prompting/Monitoring: Sunday - Thursday, 6:30 p.m - 9:30 p.m., in EAB 105


Sandy Bower at desk in DCASSandy Bower
DCAS Manager
Office:  EAB 103

Sandy Bower has a M.A.T., ESL, from St. Michael’s College, a B.A. from Hood College, and is a certified Wilson Reading trainer. She has worked at Landmark College for over 20 years in various academic capacities: as a Manager and Coordinator of Academic Support, a DCAS faculty support person, an instructor of First-Year and Reading and Study Skills classes, a Wilson Reading trainer, an Academic Advisor and an Academic Tutor.

Other Academic Support Centers

These academic support centers, staffed by Landmark College faculty and staff, provide academic assistance and skill development for students outside the classroom.

  • The Business Support Center is located in EAB 108 and is open Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. No appointment is required. Students can get support for all business and economics classes. Key concepts reviewed include:

    • Accounting
    • Business
    • Economics
    • Management principles
    • Marketing
    • Business Test Preparation tips
    • Business study skills guidance
    • Effective tactics for starting and completing homework
    • Other related support
  • The Computer Science Support Center offers tutoring assistance provided by Landmark College faculty.

    Two types of computer science tutoring:

    • Group time is open tutoring with Landmark College faculty.
    • Lab monitors are Landmark students who are experienced in computer science.

    Find extra support:

    • Bring your homework; get it done!
    • Improve your computer science problem solving.

    Get feedback about your computer science skills:

    • Supplement your coursework.
    • Build your analytical abilities.

    Open Labs take place in the MacFarlane Center, Rooms 112 and 113, daily starting at 6 a.m., at times when classes are not taking place in those rooms. The building closes at 1 a.m.

    For Drop-In Group Support, come to the MacFarlane Center, Rooms 112 and 113. Hours TBA.

  • Group time is open tutoring in a classroom with math faculty.

    Find extra support:

    • Bring your homework; get it done!
    • Improve your math problem solving.

    Master the tools you need:

    • Manipulatives and software
    • Calculators and tables

    Get feedback about your math skills:

    • Supplement your coursework.
    • Build your analytical abilities.

    For Drop-In Group time, come to EAB 108.
    Monday - Thursday
    6 - 8 p.m.

  • In addition to office hour appointments with individual faculty members, students are encouraged to visit the Science Support Center for support with their coursework. The Science Support Center is staffed by Landmark College science professors.

    No appointment is necessary! Come by to get individual help with your work, or just to have a quiet place to study.

    Support and instruction is available for all science-specific needs, including:

    • Writing lab reports
    • Textbook study
    • Vocabulary building techniques
    • Scientific writing

    EAB, Room 102

    Mondays and Wednesdays
    6 - 9 p.m.

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