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Faculty & Staff Directory

Kimberly Aaronson Adjunct History Instructor Core Education
Cheryl Adolph Vice President for Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement
Cheryl Adolph headshot
Isaac Alam Social Coach Student Affairs
Peg Alden Professor of Anthropology; Program Coordinator, B.A. in Liberal Studies Liberal Studies
Peg Alden headshot
Sherry Aldrich Database Management Director Institutional Advancement
Sherry Aldrich headshot
Regina Amidon Event and Recruitment Coordinator Admissions
Regina Amidon headshot
Kristin Anderson 24-Hr Nurse Counseling & Health Services
Joyce Apenowich Accountant Administration & Finance
Joyce Apenowich headshot
Josh Ascani Assistant Director of Recreation and Outdoor Programs Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Josh Ascani headshot
Karina Assiter Assistant Professor Computer Science / STEM
Susan Austin Associate Professor Liberal Studies
Susan Austin headshot
Mackenzie Bacastow Drake Center Peer Leader Academic Support Services
Manju Banerjee Vice President for Educational Research and Innovation / Associate Professor Educational Technology & Online Programs / Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Manju Banerjee headshot
Meg Baronian Associate Professor Core Education
Meg Baronian headshot
Jim Baucom Professor Emeritus Core Education
Jim Baucom headshot
Timothy Beck Co-Director of Center for Neurodiversity; Assistant Professor of Psychology Core Education / Liberal Studies
Timothy Beck headshot
Jeanine Bedard Counselor Counseling & Health Services
Jeanine Bedard headshot
Karen Belcher Manager of Administrative Services & Procurement Administration & Finance
Karen Belcher headshot
Jenny Beller Transition at College Mentor Student Affairs
Carol Beninati Executive Assistant to the VP of Educational Research and Innovation Educational Technology & Online Programs / Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Carol Beninati headshot
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