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The Morgan Le Fay Center for Advances in Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship Instruction

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The Morgan Le Fay Center For Advances in Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship Instruction was established at Landmark College in 2014 through a generous gift from Paul McCulley and the Morgan Le Fay Dreams Foundation. This award supports the development and refinement of pedagogy in the fields of business, economics, and entrepreneurship in connection with the College’s current and future programs in those fields.

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Support from the Morgan Le Fay Center has allowed Landmark College to further develop its focus on business, economics, and entrepreneurship, which fueled the creation of LC’s new baccalaureate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership (BA-COMEL) in 2019.

The BA-COMEL builds on LC’s current Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies program with a concentration in Communication and also articulates with the A.A. in Business Studies. Eight full-time faculty members are assigned to deliver program-specific coursework, supplemented by faculty from Liberal Studies, Fine and Performing Arts and writing faculty from the Education Department.

“This new bachelor’s degree focuses on project management and prepares our students for entry-level jobs in fields such as civic organizing, media production, public relations, management, and other positions that focus on organizational communication. This program will also foster our students’ natural entrepreneurial spirit and creative strengths that frequently drive development of their own businesses,” said Gail Gibson Sheffield, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Landmark College.

The degree is intentionally designed to draw from communication and business to capitalize on the dynamic intersection and contemporary relevance of those disciplines. What distinguishes this degree from more traditional degrees is the interdisciplinary approach, the integration of practical experience, and the emphasis upon collaboration and innovation. The purpose of this degree is for students to engage in professional teamwork, group problem solving, and sustained communication practices to address multi-step production goals.

The BA-COMEL provides progressive and relevant preparation to address today’s increasingly complex professional work environment of global expansiveness, cultural collisions, media ubiquity, and accelerating pace of technology. Over the course of this degree, students will endeavor to strengthen qualities of creative and resilient leadership and increase the knowledge required to effect collaborative, transformative change in an ethical and culturally sensitive manner. In addition, the BA-COMEL promotes exploration of the nature of human communication, the symbol system by which it occurs, and utilizes creative and appropriate modalities and technologies to accomplish communicative goals.

Landmark College student interning at BCTV in Brattleboro, Vermont

The History of the Morgan Le Fay Center

Doctor Langer at Landmark College

A $1 million gift from noted economist Paul McCulley established the Morgan Le Fay Center for Advances in Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship Instruction at Landmark College in 2014. The Center supports the development and refinement of a progressive pedagogy for Landmark College students in the fields of economics, business, and entrepreneurship, as well as research, training, and related innovations for educators in the field of learning difficulties (LD).

“This gift catalyzes our efforts to leverage the natural entrepreneurial strengths of our students, who are bright, young people with learning difficulties eager to make an impact in the world of economics, business, and entrepreneurship,” says Dr. Peter Eden, President of the College.

McCulley is a longtime philanthropist and an executive with the Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), and the father of 2014 Landmark College graduate Jonathan McCulley.

Paul and Jonathan McCulley

“As Jonathan’s father, I have witnessed in real time the transforming power of Landmark College’s unique melding of bespoke pedagogy and community support for those with LD,” McCulley says. “Landmark College is a pillar of evidence-based innovation in instruction for students with LD, in both the classroom and in navigating life’s challenges.”

McCulley’s scholarly research has been quoted widely and was called “magisterial” by Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

on the progress of the Morgan Le Fay Center, June 2015

on the progress of the Morgan Le Fay Center, June 2016

on the progress of the Morgan Le Fay Center, June 2017

on the progress of the Morgan Le Fay Center, June 2018


Morgan Le Fay Symposium

Thank you to all those who attended the first Morgan Le Fay Symposium on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

College Economics Faculty Survey of Best Practices

In Spring 2016, the Morgan Le Fay Center published the results of a nationwide survey of economics faculty, designed to gain a better understanding of current teaching practices for diverse learners.

Free Webinar on Economics and UD

In May 2015, with the support of the Morgan Le Fay Center, Landmark College hosted a webinar on Pedagogical Practices and Universal Design in College Economics: Teaching Diverse Learners, presented by Dr. Oskar Harmon, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut, and Dr. Manju Banerjee, Vice President for Educational Research and Director of the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT).

Watch this free webinar:

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