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School of Professional Studies & Science

The School of Professional Studies and Science offers courses delivers programs in four areas:

· Computer Science

· Natural Science

· Business and Entrepreneurship

· Communications

Our goal is to deliver interdisciplinary curricula across all four areas. This is accomplished through shared classroom experiences across disciplines as well as interdisciplinary internships and work experiences.

As you examine the various degrees offered by the school, you will see one common thread: the Landmark difference. Not only are our faculty content experts, they are also trained to work with students who learn differently. In addition to classroom work, we encourage students to explore their discipline through experiential opportunities, whether it be internships or research projects.

Through the Morgan Le Fay center, the school is able to offer students an opportunity to develop a product or business idea and to seek outside funding to bring the product or idea to market. In addition, we are including innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the curriculum.

The school consists of two departments, Professional Studies and Natural Sciences. Please click on the link (?) to see more details about the departments and degree programs.

-- Dean John Russo 
School of Professional Studies and Science

Contact Information

For general information about the school, please contact Dean John Russo at (802) 387-1643 or via email at

For information about the Department of Professional Studies, please contact Geoff Burgess, Department Chair, at (802) 387-6768 or via email at

For information about the Department of Natural Sciences, please contact Tom Hinckley, Department Chair, at (802) 387-6770 or via email at

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