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As LC welcomes students back to campus this fall, read about our Fall 2020 Return to Campus guidelines.

Internships and Employment

“Being an intern at Hasbro taught me how professional environments work. Landmark College gave me the technical skills I needed, but actually understanding how businesses work will get me ahead.”

— Bobby Christopher ’18, Computer Science, Hasbro, Inc. Intern

Bobby Christopher at internship job

We believe in educating the whole student and making sure you are ready for what lies beyond Landmark College. The internship and employment opportunities we offer are tailored to fit your level of job skills and experience. Click on any of the options below to learn more.

  • Why just earn a paycheck when you can also be honing your communication skills, strengthening your time management abilities, and develop as a leader? Landmark College Works, our campus student employment program, puts the foundational building blocks in place for you to land an internship or your first professional job. With a focus on helping students see the connections between their work and academics, Landmark College Works offers new employee orientations, bi-annual performance evaluations, and other professional development opportunities. And just like we teach differently in the classroom, we also supervise student employees differently, focusing on your individual learning needs and helping you develop tools for future success.

    Questions about Landmark College Works? Email

  • With the “new to the workforce” student in mind, LC offers a short-term, intensive Employment Readiness Experience (ERE) that pairs an on-campus job experience with classroom work focusing on communication, professional skills, and career exploration. The Employment Readiness Experience is a building block to get students one step closer to landing an internship or job after Landmark College.

    Summer 2020 ERE Participants, from left to right: Martha Meigs, Sophia Spraggins, Maddie Tice, and Chloe Rogers

    2020’s four summer ERE students (left to right: Martha Meigs, Sophia Spraggins, Maddie Tice, Chloe Rogers)

    We at Career Connections, as well as Professor Jeanette Landin, want to congratulate this Summer’s ERE students:

    Chloe Rogers, Katie Hoder, Maddie Tice, Martha Meigs, and Sophia Spraggins

    on completing the ERE experience and we hope that their success inspires you to join their ranks.

    Employment Readiness Experience 2020—Summer Session 2

    Download the application packet for the Employment Readiness Experience

  • Career Connections can help students identify opportunities and maintains a growing list of resources, internships, and employer partners.

    We currently have partnerships with:

    • Hasbro, Inc.
    • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    • BroadFutures
    • InventiveLabs
    • BioTek
    • Vermont Genetics Network
    • C & S Wholesale Grocers
    • VT Established Programs to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
    • The Greenwood School (VT)
    • The Wolf School (RI)

    The Six College Collaborative Internship Program & BDCC Partnership

    Through the Six College Collaborative Internship Program, the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC), has helped us build partnerships with area businesses to create paid internships and aid the experiential education of LC students.

    Area businesses we have worked with in an effort to provide skill-building opportunities that include:

    • Farnum Cellulose
    • Fulflex Elastrometrics, Inc.
    • The Gathering Place
    • Vermont Roadworks
    • Sidehill Farm Jams
    • Allen Brothers Farms

    These opportunities are in addition to other local relationships with businesses such as The Stone Trust, Vermont/New Hampshire Veterinary Clinic, Antidote Books, The Putney Co-op, and Putney Central School.

    On-Campus Internships

    Landmark College is continually growing its on-campus internship program to offer students professional opportunities right here. Students have interned in offices across campus, including:

    • Landmark College Institute for Research and Training
    • Enrollment Services
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Career Connections
    • Student Activities
    • Academic Departments: Math, Natural Sciences, and Studio Arts
    • High School Summer Programs
    • Residence Life
    • WLMC Radio Station

    Interested in any of the above opportunities? Make an appointment with Career Connections!

  • An internship at Landmark College is a career-related, credit-bearing experience that can provide mentorship, training, and exposure in a given field. We are committed to providing the resources required for students to access experiential learning opportunities and put into practice what they are learning in the classroom.

    Students pursuing credit-bearing internships must follow the Academic Affairs Internship Policy. Proposals for credit-bearing internships must be submitted for approval by April 30 for fall and summer internships and November 30 for spring. Three credit internships taking place in summer session incur a $1,600 cost.

    Limited campus housing is available for students who are interning locally during the summer, through our Summer Credit Program.

    The first step for any student interested in pursuing an internship is to schedule an appointment with Career Connections. Staff in the Career Connections office are available to support students in identifying internship opportunities and with the resume, cover letter, and interview preparation they will need in order to apply and be competitive.

    Similar to workplace expectations for professionalism, internships require students to have the independent work, self-advocacy, and time-management skills needed to be successful. Academic Advisors play an important role in helping students to determine readiness, identify how an internship might fit in with their academic plan, and adhere to the Internship Policy for credit.

    Questions about Landmark College’s Academic Internship Policy?

    Jill Hinckley
    Dean of the School of Education

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