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As LC welcomes students back to campus this fall, read about our Fall 2020 Return to Campus guidelines.

Academic Advising

Landmark College advising takes a student-centered, developmental approach in working with students to become more self-determined and independent. Advisors guide students to problem solve and make decisions regarding educational and personal goals.

  • Advisors serve as guides through the Landmark College program, working with students to coordinate non-academic and academic elements to meet their goals.
  • Advisors oversee a student's entire academic program. Their involvement is not limited to course selection and the add/drop process.
  • Advisors serve as the primary contact person for parents or sponsors who have questions about the program. The student is primarily responsible for contact with parents.
  • Advisors use diagnostic information and performance reports to help students understand their strengths and learning needs.
  • Advisors will help students set short-term and long-range goals and assist students in planning their course of study to ensure they have met appropriate degree requirements and have developed areas of interest.
  • Advisors also play a supportive role in referring students to Career Connections, Counseling and Health Services, and other academic and campus resources to help students meet their needs.

Meet the Advisors

Families: learn more about Landmark College’s educational approach, processes, and expectations in our publication “A Guide for Landmark College Families:  Shared Expectations and Understanding.”


Debbie Gassaway-Hayward
Director of Core Advising

Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Advising

  • Yes. Every student is assigned an academic advisor. The advisor takes a developmental advising approach by working closely with each student to address academic, social, and transitional needs. The advisor also works with the student to help develop goals in several areas, including self-advocacy, self-management, and the use of support services.

  • Once a student has decided to attend Landmark College, an academic advisor is assigned. The College informs new students of the advisor assignment, and the advisor contacts the student. New students meet their advisor during New Student Orientation and work with their advisors during orientation to select courses. During this orientation session, students learn about where their advisor's office is located and talk briefly with their advisor about how they will work together. Students typically set up appointments for future meetings at this time. Students usually have their first appointment with their advisors during the first week of the semester.

  • Students who want to change advisors during an academic term need to contact the Academic Advising Office to set up an appointment with an Advising Administrator. During the appointment, the student discusses their desired outcomes and attributes of the advising relationship. An appropriate assignment is made if the resources are available at that time. Returning students may also request an advisor change on the course registration form submitted each semester when selecting courses for the upcoming semester.

  • New students establish a weekly meeting time with their advisors during the first two weeks of the semester. Returning students may also request a weekly meeting or an appropriate and mutually agreed upon schedule of meetings for the semester. It is the expectation that students will attend all advising meetings.

  • As students move through our program, their current advisor may not be able to move with them. Every effort is made to maintain productive advisor/advisee relationships, but this is not always possible. If a student's advisor is not available to advise the student in subsequent semesters, the advisor and the Academic Advising Office will work with the student to find another advisor who will meet their needs.

  • All advisors are teaching faculty and/or members of the academic administration. Typically, advisors are faculty who have been members of the Landmark College community for more than a year or who have had significant related experience elsewhere.

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