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Academic Honors

Landmark College recognizes our students' academic achievements in multiple ways, including the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for associate degree students, the Golden Key International Honour Society for bachelor's degree students, the Landmark College Dean's List, and the College's annual Academic Awards.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the International Honor Society for students enrolled in associate degree programs, serving an estimated one million members and consisting of 1,100 chapters across the United States and throughout the world. Its focus is on growth in the four hallmarks: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship. The Beta Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was chartered at Landmark College in 1994.

How do I become a member of Phi Theta Kappa?

Once a semester (Fall and Spring), students meeting the requirements are invited to join the Beta Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Membership eligibility is based on the last academic semester or term a student has enrolled in for coursework (Fall, January Term, Spring, and Summer Sessions). Letters of invitation are sent out after the deadline for submitting course grades to the Registrar’s office has passed. To be eligible for Phi Theta Kappa, a student must have met the following requirements:

  • Completed 12 credit hours of associate degree course work at Landmark College
  • Maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher
  • Maintained appropriate community membership (not be on Probation, Deferred Suspension, Suspension, or Expulsion within the Landmark College Judicial System)

Once a student has registered and been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, their membership status is recorded on their official transcript by the Landmark College Registrar.

What does Phi Theta Kappa membership mean?

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is recognized as an achievement by institutions of higher education throughout the United States, and many international countries. In fact, colleges and universities frequently establish scholarships specifically for Phi Theta Kappa members.

The Phi Theta Kappa Society headquarters in Mississippi provides support for members seeking monetary scholarships. College Fish is the society’s web presence for general scholarship opportunities. Additionally, the society administers a number of scholarship opportunities, such as the Coca-Cola, New Century Scholars, Guistwhite, and Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships.

Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunities for individual and chapter growth as scholars and student-leaders through their programs. The Five Star Chapter Development program challenges individual chapters to demonstrate growth in the areas of academic scholarship, leadership, and service. Equally valuable is the opportunity for individual members to develop their potential for academic and workplace success through the Five Star Competitive Edge Program. Finally, members have opportunities to showcase their work through submission of their literary and artistic accomplishment through competitions at the regional, national, and international levels.

How do I maintain membership in Phi Theta Kappa?

Once inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, you are a member for life—provided you remain a member in good standing. In order to do so, you must:

  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.25
  • Maintain appropriate community membership (not be on Probation, Deferred Suspension, Suspension, or Expulsion within the Landmark College Judicial System)

What happens if my GPA falls below 3.25?

If your grade point average falls below 3.25, you will be placed on probation for a semester. If at the end of the semester, your GPA is 3.25 or above, your status will return to member in good standing. If at the end of the semester, your GPA remains below 3.25, your membership in Phi Theta Kappa will be revoked.

What happens if I am involved in the Landmark College Judicial System?

Members found to be in default of the Landmark College Code of Conduct at the conclusion of the judicial process will be at risk of losing their membership in Phi Theta Kappa. If you are placed on Probation, Deferred Suspension, Suspension, or Expulsion within the Landmark College Judicial System, your membership in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society will be revoked.

What activities are spearheaded by the Beta Alpha Epsilon Chapter?

A central focus of Phi Theta Kappa is the Honors in Action Program, an interdisciplinary, contemporary topic of interest related to global challenges. Every two years, a new Honors Study Topic is identified by the Phi Theta Kappa Society. Members choose an issue related to the Honors Study topic to enhance their academic scholarship through research and discussion. Over the past several years, the members of Beta Alpha Epsilon have researched homelessness, social media addiction and its implications for students with ADHD, and educational technology. They have demonstrated their commitment to service through follow-up activities, such as holding a community discussions and multimedia activities.

What leadership opportunities are available within Phi Theta Kappa?

There are numerous leadership opportunities within Phi Theta Kappa. At the chapter level, there are officer positions and committee leadership positions for individual members to explore and develop their leadership skills. For those seeking a greater challenge, there are regional and international officer positions available. Your knowledge level of Phi Theta Kappa, motivation, eligibility, and availability are the only limits to leadership opportunities within the society.


If you would like more information on Phi Theta Kappa, you can speak with your academic advisor, resident dean, or the Phi Theta Kappa advisor, Stephen Glover ( Chapter officers are also a good source of information.

Golden Key International Honour Society

Golden Key is the international honor society for students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs.  The world’s largest collegiate honor society, Golden Key recognizes in its membership sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students across all majors and disciplines in eight countries. The purpose of this honor society is to recognize academic excellence and to enable members to realize their potential through advancement of academics, leadership, and service. 

How do I become a member of Golden Key?

Once a year, in the Spring semester, students who have declared a bachelor’s degree, have earned a minimum of 24 credits, and have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher are invited to join Golden Key.  A new member recognition event is held during Family Weekend in the Spring semester.

What are the benefits of joining Golden Key?

  • $1 million in scholarships offered each year
  • Academic recognition, at the new member events and at graduation
  • Access to graduate school opportunities
  • Access to internship opportunities
  • Study abroad and international travel opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

Landmark College Dean's List

Students achieving the Dean's List maintain a full course load of three or more full time courses, and conclude the semester with a grade of B or above in each course.

Spring 2017 Dean's List


Lydia Allen
Max Ames
Brandon Ayoung-Chee
Mackenzie Bacastow
James Bach
Patrick Blake
Nevin Bonak
Matthew Bonanno
Dawn Brewer
Mark Broomer
Zachary Brown
Dennis Champagne
Stephanie Charbonneau
Sopah Conly
Adam Cook
William Cooley
Maxwell Cornell
George Crosby
Erin Crosby
Thomas Daignault
James Dallmann
Eleanor Davis
Maxwell Day

Mariah Edson
Brittney Eklund
William Faden
Jill Feder
Dylan Gebel
Mara Greene
Fletcher Greer
Rhiannon Greywolf
Gregory Hadjiyane
Caroline Hubley
Jackson Hunter
Stephen Kellogg
Rachael Koslouski
Katherine LaBombard
Jae Lehan
Christopher Leong
Marc Lichtenwalner-Seabaugh
William Mauch
Julia McLaughlin
Martha Meigs
Ethan Messinger
Alexander Milliken
Dylan Morris
Daniel Morse

Molly Nelson
Danielle Newman
Jason Nicol
Sean Noonan
Natalie Nussbaum
Declan O'Flaherty
Michael Otten
Alyssa Partington
Nikolas Polite
Tathia Primasany
Sarah Rabbitt
Benjamin Raskin-Gross
Benjamin Rohaly
Steven Sandy
Sarah Saunders
Sarah Silvestro
Adam Singer
Timothy St. Germaine
Abigail Straus
Joseph Taylor
John Veilleux
Nicholas Zachman
Gus Zarefsky


Fall 2016 Dean's List


Anthony Agudelo
Juliana M. Aguayo
Peter Andreas
Caleb Atwood
Brandon Ayoung-Chee
Mackenzie M. Bacastow
James Bach
Matthew Bavelock
Jenny Rae Beller
Patrick Blake
Matthew Bonanno
Fay Carroll
Isabella Cataldo
Angel Cintron
Stephanie Charbonneau
Brian Clarke
Adam Cook
Maria Culotta
James Dallmann
Mariah Edson
Catherine Emerson
William Faden
Caitlin Fash
Jill Feder
Dylan Gebel
John Guise
Andre Gaughan
Cael Hansen

Alexandra Hancock
Stephen Jones
Matthew Kalt
Alicia Keating
Ty Kimble Padula
Jacob Krupkin
Katherine LaBombard
Amber LaFlamme
Jacob Levenson
Erica Loveland
Aaron Lu
Matthew Lutz
Ellen MCarthy
Martha Meigs
Matthew Merline
Ethan Messinger
Daniel Morse
Eric Mowrey
Amanda Murray
Molly Nelson
Danielle Newman
Jason Nicol
Declan O'Flaherty
Christopher Ogle
Michael Otten
Alyssa Picknelly
David Quillen
Ryan Quirin

Sarah Rabbitt
Benjamin Raskin-Gross
Walter Resnick
Kristina Schopper
Sabrina Setterington
Julia Severino
Elizabeth Shenson
Anais Sidonia
Adam Singer
Taylor Steiner
Elijah Thomas
Matthew Turner
Daniel Ullman
Taylor Vachris
Jason Valladares
Anthony Varjabedian
Ashley Vogel
Jason Walilko
Jacob Zlody
Lucas Weiner
Jacob Zlody

Landmark College Awards

Landmark College students are recognized annually through the named awards noted below. Landmark College students with exceptional achievements in a subject area are also eligible for departmental awards.

Dianne Wood Award

The Dianne Wood Communications Award is given annually to a student who best exemplifies the ideals of Dianne Wood by experiencing first hand the transformational power of communication and using this for the benefit of the College community.
2017 Recipient: Mariah Edson

Rob Gunther-Mohr Award

The Robert Gunther-Mohr Award is given in memory of Rob Gunther-Mohr, founding faculty member and beloved teacher and colleague, to the student who best exhibits independent critical judgment, a love of reading and ideas, and an abiding compassion for others.
2017 Recipient: Erin Crosby

Pat Jaquith Award

The Pat Jaquith award is given to the mathematics student whose extraordinary effort and progress over the year is consistently admired by professors, tutors, peers, and advisors. Through hard work, attentiveness, and diligence with assignments, the student is becoming a skilled problem solver; one who has learned to think logically and symbolically, to reason analytically, and to communicate clearly about mathematical concepts.
2017 Recipient:  Jill Feder

Wilson Program/Jeroo Eduljee Award

The Jeroo Eduljee Wilson Reading Award is giving annually to graduating students who have completed the Wilson Reading Program, which exemplifies the transformational power of decoding.
2017 Recipients: Michael Israelton

Academic Department Awards

2017 Recipients:

Business Studies Department Award: Chase Smith

Communications Department Award: Jake Gombin-Sperling

Computer Science Department Award: Dennis Champagne

Education Department Award for Excellence: Alexander Wilson

Education Department Award for Achievement: Julia McLaughlin

English Department Award for Excellence: Mariah Edson

English Department Award for Achievement: Leah Coppola

Fine & Performing Arts Department Award: Rachel Koslouski

First Year Department Award: Taryn Fish

Humanities Department Award: Alicia Keating

Mathematics Department Award: Michael Otten

Natural Science Department Award: Samantha Jackson

Physical Education Department Award: Kellie Vien
Honorable Mention: Benjamin Raskin-Gross

Social Science/Education Department Award: Alicia Keating

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