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COVID-19 Update: Read latest guidance for Spring and Summer 2021 campus residential programs.


Students pursing an associate degree may elect to pursue an optional Academic Concentration  in one of the following fields. For all Academic Concentrations, at least 15 or more total credits are required. Grades of at least C are required in all courses. Only 6 transferred credits, if applicable to requirements, may be applied toward an Academic Concentration.

  • Required Courses

    BUS1011 Introduction to Business
    ACC1011 Principles of Accounting I
    Two 2000-level Business Department courses, excluding BUS2991

    Elective Courses (choose one)

    ECN2011 Essentials of Economics
    ECN2021 Introduction to Microeconomics
    ECN2031 Introduction to Macroeconomics

  •  At least one of the following, but no more than two: 

    COM1011 Introduction to Communication (preferred)
    COM1071 Introduction to Public Speaking

    Three of the following (or four, if only one 1000-level Communications course is taken):

    BUS2011 Effective Business Communication
    CO2022 Relationships and Relational Communication
    COM3021 Leadership and Small Group Communication
    COM2051 Intercultural Communication
    COM2062 Oral Traditions and Media
    COM2063 Internet, Culture and Communication
    COM2064 Media Ethics
    JRN2021 Broadcast Journalism
    JRN2031 Journalism in the Digital Age
    COM2065 Radio Production and Programming
    COM3071 Professional Presentations
    COM2082 Collaborative Negotiations
    COM2084 Dialogue and Debate

  • Required Courses

    CSC1635 Computer Science I
    CSC2621 Web Science (3 credits)

    Elective courses (three of the following, of which only one Mathematics course is allowed)

    CSC2635 Computer Science II
    CSC2636 Mobile Application Programming
    CSC2638 Data Structures and Algorithms
    CSC2751 Networking and Security
    CSC Independent Study
    MAT2732 Calculus I
    MAT2741 Linear Algebra
    MA2833 Calculus II

  • Required Course

    CRW1011 Creative Writing

    Two of the following:

    CRW2011 Creative Writing: Short Stories
    CRW2021 Creative Writing: Poetry
    WRT2011 Creative Non-Fiction

    Two of the following:

    LIT2011 Film Adaptations of Literature
    LIT2012 Beat Literature
    LIT2017 Science Fiction
    LIT2018 Short Fiction
    LIT2019 Shakespeare's Plays
    LIT2021 Contemporary American Poetry
    LIT2022 Environmental Literature
    Special Topics

  • Required Courses

    EDU1031 Introduction to Education
    EDU2021 Key Issues in Education OR EDU2031 Pedagogy and Practice in Special Education OR ED2091 Learning Disabilities Seminar
    PSY1011 Introduction to Psychology
    PSY2021 Child Development OR PSY2031 Adolescent and Adult Development
    PSY2071 Educational Psychology

  • Required Courses

    ACC1011 Principles of Accounting I
    BUS2011 Effective Business Communication
    BUS2021 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    MKT2011 Introduction to Marketing

    Elective Courses (choose one of the following)

    ECN2011 Essentials of Economics
    ECN2021 Introduction to Microeconomics
    ECN2031 Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • Required Courses

    Must choose any 4-credit Natural Science 1000-level course.

    A minimum of 11 credits, of which at least 7 are at the 2000 level, of the following:

    BIO1511 Introduction to Biology
    CHE1511 Introduction to Chemistry
    NSC1511 Introduction to Physical Science
    GEO1511 Introduction to Geology
    BIO 1521 Principles of Biology I
    BIO 1522 Principles of Biology II
    CHE 1521 Principles of Chemistry I
    CHE 1522 Principles of Chemistry II
    BIO2511 Perspectives in Evolution
    BIO2031* Nutrition and Health
    NSC2511 Natural History of New England, with lab
    NSC2011* Natural History of New England
    ECO2511 Aquatic Egology and Pollution
    ECO2521 Field Ecology
    ENV2511 Environmental Science
    NSC2021* Contemporary Issues in Science
    NSC2031* Introduction to Forensic Science
    BIO2521 Anatomy and Physiology I
    BIO2041 Bioethics
    ECO3011 Winter Ecology
    ENV3011 Principles of Sustainability

    Courses with an * are 3-credit courses and do not have a lab.

  • Required Courses

    PSY1011 Introduction to Psychology
    MAT1321 Statistics
    PSY2021 Child Development OR PSY2031 Adolescent and Adult Development

    Two of the following:

    PSY2051 Abnormal Psychology
    PSY2061 Positive Psychology
    PSY2071 Educational Psychology
    PSY2081 Cognitive Psychology
    BIO2091 Biological Psychology
    SOC2031 Human Sexuality

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