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Emphasis on inquiry-based learning methods

The STEM department’s instructional philosophy of experiential learning allows students at every level to develop critical thinking skills while providing broad, deep and state-of-the-art training in its disciplines.

Small class sizes and numerous opportunities for hands-on learning are key features of the Landmark College STEM department.

A broad array of courses in the natural sciences, computer sciences, and mathematics are at the heart of the STEM department. All of these courses focus on both a comprehension and application of abstract concepts, fluency in technical terminology, which are emphasized through inquiry-based learning methods.

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Degrees Offered:

A.S. and B.S. in Life Science

Every student in life science becomes a member of our community of scholars, working closely together with faculty and peers to advance the field of biology and develop a lifelong interest in life science.

Both life science degrees play to the strengths of our student population by embedding practical science skills throughout the curriculum.

Unlike the traditional approach of separating lecture and lab sections of courses, Landmark College lab course integrate those experiences in a modular approach that provides opportunities for students to construct knowledge for themselves.

Watch this video about our collaboration with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.


A.S. and B.S. in Computer Science

Both computer science degrees have an emphasis on programming and software engineering.

The A.S. degree provides a general introduction to computer science, starting out with programming in Java.

The B.S. degree, designed using the ACM Guidelines for Computing Programs, provides students with the skill set necessary to work within a broad area of computer science, including software engineering, networking, Internet programming, mobile application programming, and web science.

Additional Information about the STEM Department:

  • In fall 2016, Landmark College received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant in support of the Access to Innovative Education: STEM Opportunities for Students with Learning Disabilities (AIE-STEM) (NSF 1643326).

    This grant allows the College to award scholarship and additional support to students enrolled in both computer science and life science programs. Recipients are considered Landmark College STEM Scholars and are assigned to a faculty mentor assisting in research activities.

    In addition, students work directly with Career Connections counselors who help students to build their resumes, apply for internships and jobs.

    STEM Scholars attend regular meetings with their mentor and participate in cohort-building activities such as meetings with special guest speakers, internship site visits, and other activities designed to further develop a strong cohort and build independence in the scholars.

    Click here for more information and how to apply.

  • Landmark College’s STEM department offers numerous internships to enhance student learning and career development.

    On-campus internship opportunities include:

    • Research internships with faculty
    • Information Technology
    • Pre-Nursing Student Clinical Internship/Nurse’s Aide

    Landmark College’s STEM department actively works with the following internship partners to provide off-campus internship opportunities for students:

    • Vermont Biomedical Research Network (VBRN)
    • AT&T
    • Vermont EPSCoR (Burlington, VT)
    • Hasbro Inc. (Pawtucket, RI)
    • Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (Brattleboro, VT)
    • BioTek (Winooski, VT)
    • Dell (Round Rock, TX)
    • Stanley Black and Decker (New Britain, CT)
    • Traveler’s Insurance (Hartford, CT)
    • Fidelity (Boston, MA)
    • JP Morgan Chase & CO. (New York, NY)
    • EY (Boston, MA)
    • The Neurodiversity Hub (Australia and USA)
    • Chroma (Bellows Falls, VT)
    • Putney Conservation Commission (Putney, VT)
    • Harris Computer Systems (Burlington, VT)
    • Siemens (USA)
    • Qualcomm (USA)
  • Computer Science Support:

    The Computer Science Support Center provides academic assistance for computer science courses. The center is staffed by professional staff, faculty, and peer mentors.

    Types of support:

    • Students can schedule one-on-one or drop-in time with computer science faculty.
    • Students can work in the computer science labs on projects while being guided by peer mentors who have excelled in computer science courses.
    Math Support:

    Math support is provided to students one-on-one, in groups, and drop-in.

    Some math faculty also designate specific office hours to support any math student.

    Students work with faculty with expertise in math, and with math work study students who have excelled in math courses, for assistance with specific courses.

    Students who take advantage of math support use these support sessions to complete homework assignments, to prepare for tests, and to improve their math problem-solving skills.

    Science Support:

    In addition to office hour appointments with individual faculty members, students are encouraged to visit the Science Support Center for support with their coursework.

    The Science Support Center is staffed by Landmark College science professors.

    Support and instruction is available for all science-specific needs, including:

    • Writing lab reports
    • Textbook study
    • Vocabulary building techniques
    • Scientific writing
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