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Educational Technology

Our mission is to coordinate and provide technology training and services for students, faculty, and staff.

students and teacher with computers

We offer services and set up workshops and consultations for the learning and assistance of:

  • Multimedia software programs, such as XMind, PowerPoint, MS Word, OneNote, and more
  • Landmark College-specific administrative programs, such as Outlook and Office365
  • Course Management System (Currently Canvas)
  • The MS Windows operating system
  • Assistive technology programs—Kurzweil 3000 (text-to-speech) and Dragon NaturallySpeaking (speech-to-text)
  • Instructional design strategies for integrating technology in teaching, learning, and curriculum development
  • Solutions for using technology to create more multi-modal learning experiences for students with varied learning styles
  • Faculty wanting to incorporate the use of technology to enhance instruction and meet their curricular goals
  • Online and communication technologies and accessibility, digital copyright issues, alternative texts, and social networking

Student using speeck to text software

Office Hours

Support is provided at the Drake Center for Academic Success. Contact Sandy Bower, manager of DCAS, at

 Students use Text-to-Speech (such as Kurzweil 3000) to:

  • Improve decoding and fluency
  • Hear text spoken aloud
  • Read back their own typing, predict words, and spell check as they are typing
  • Strengthen their Active Reading using the Study Skills Toolbar

Students use Concept/Mind-mapping (such as XMind) to:

  • Generate and develop ideas for the writing process
  • Organize thinking
  • Create outlines
  • Test their memory
  • Increase independence

Students use Speech-to-Text (such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred) to:

  • Free up cognitive working space
  • Eliminate handwriting & spelling problems
  • Brainstorm and turn oral language into text
  • Produce large amounts of writing
  • Spell check documents they created in a different application
  • Increase independence

Digital Text Services (DTS) provides Landmark College students with a digital version (Kurzweil and PDF formats) of all their course texts once they purchase the print version.

Digital Text Services:

  • Acquires accessible digital formats of primary course texts (texts chosen by instructors) either from the publisher, or by scanning
  • Grants student access to digital copies of course texts, with proof of ownership
  • Helps students find digital copies of other books
  • Helps faculty obtain clean hard copies of chapters and/or articles for course packs
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