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COVID-19 Update: Read latest guidance for Fall 2022 campus residential programs.

Study Away: New York City—Museums

ART2712: Art in the City (1 credit)


Program Leaders

Academic Director:
Samuel Rowlett


Program Director:
Eve Khan


Consider the following to determine if this course is right for your learning style.

Free Time/Independence: MEDIUM
Participants on this program will likely have some free time every day. There will be options offered for students who are not confident exploring on their own.

Physical Demands: MEDIUM
This program includes a significant amount of walking, on the streets, on the subway, and in museums and galleries. There will be options for resting (and activities will be accessible to those with physical limitations) but the program will require some stamina.

Transitions: LOW
This group will stay in one location for the whole program, and the daily schedule of class sessions and museum/gallery visits will be fairly regular from day-to-day.

Stimuli: HIGH
The program takes place in Manhattan, an enormous, bustling, noisy city. The group will navigate busy streets and subways as well as some enormous art museums. The program will include opportunities for down time.

Spend spring break studying art in New York City! 

In this 1 credit experiential course students spend a week away from Putney, Vermont and Landmark College visiting art museums, galleries, and other art institutions. Students will document their reflections on their in-person experiences with art in a sketchbook-journal using graphic notetaking techniques. No drawing experience necessary! Class members will engage daily in discussions, critiques, and presentations.


  • Good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or above)
  • Interest, experience, and coursework in studio arts or art history is preferred, but not required.
  • New York City has mandated proof of the COVID-19 vaccination for all indoor dining and visitors to indoor attractions such as museums. Therefore, all participants on this program must be vaccinated (no exemptions).


Saturday, March 5 to Sunday, March 13

Program Learning Objectives

  • To experience viewing diverse art in brick-and-mortar art venues in person. 
  • To identify and analyze the materials, methods, and contexts of various modes of creative visual culture. 
  • To interpret and document personal reflections through a sketchbook/journal using drawing and writing and graphic notetaking techniques.
  • To engage and collaborate in group discussions, critiques, and presentations.

Program Itinerary

  • Each day, the program group will meet to preview the day’s activities and talk about the goals of the site visit.
  • Then, the group will travel together to a museum, gallery, or other site. In general, the group will spend several hours viewing artwork, both as a group and independently/in small groups.
  • On some afternoons, the group may have another site visit. On others, the group will have free time with optional activities available. Costs of optional or free-time activities will be the student’s responsibility, but low-cost or free activities will always be available.
  • The course work does include reflection through sketching/graphic notetaking, and will also include some written work or presentations. Thus, students will need to plan their days to allow time to complete required coursework.


  • The group will stay at a budget hotel or hostel in New York. Students will be in shared rooms with bunk beds (two or four students to a room) and bathrooms shared between rooms.
  • Accommodations have not yet been confirmed, but for examples of possible lodging, see the HI New York Hostel or Pod Hotels. This program website will be updated when accommodations are confirmed.
  • Students should expect small rooms and bathrooms, but easy access to public transportation and plenty of food choices for all budgets.
  • Students who want to stay in a single room, or those who have their own housing in NYC will be eligible for a program fee reduction (amount TBD).
  • Students who have their own housing in NYC will be responsible for meeting the group at the times and locations specified by the program leaders.

Travel Information

  • The group will travel to New York together in a van or bus organized by Landmark College.
  • While in New York, students will receive a MetroCard (transport pass) for the week including unlimited bus and subway travel. Students are responsible for replacing lost or stolen MetroCards or museum passes.

Important Notes

  • Participants in this program will learn to navigate New York City using public transportation and by foot.
  • The program will include a significant amount of walking, both on streets and in museums and galleries.
  • Please see “Considerations” in the sidebar for additional information about the program’s structure.
  • Weather in New York in early March may be snowy with below-freezing temperatures, or it may be balmy and sunny. Packing guidelines will be sent to students in the days prior to departure based on up-to-date weather forecasts.

Application Process and Pre-departure Group Meetings

Applications are still open for this program. Click the link at the top of the sidebar on this page to apply. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

The program group will meet at least once prior to departure for New York.

Program Cost

The fee for this program is $2,200 and includes:

  • Art course (1 credit)
  • Group transportation to and from New York
  • MetroCard for subway and bus transportation for the week
  • All entrance fees for required program activities
  • Two group meals
  • A stipend of $150 for the week

Student spending can vary depending on the individual, and with essentials provided within the program fee, New York provides opportunities for both limited and unlimited budgets. A student who is very careful with their money and sticks to free/included activities might not need additional spending money. The following costs are not included in the program fee:

  • Meals aside from two group meals
  • Free-time activities
  • Laundry
  • Souvenirs, gifts, etc.


There is one $1,000 scholarship available for this program. This is a need-based scholarship. Please click the button at the top-right of this page to apply for the scholarship. NOTE: students applying for the scholarship must fill out BOTH the program application as well as the scholarship application

For any questions about whether or not students' existing financial aid can apply to this program, contact Michael Mertes, Director of Financial Aid.

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