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Department of Professional Studies

Join the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals.

The Department of Professional Studies delivers courses and support for students in the areas of communications and business. The overarching goal of the department is to give our students the tools to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals. With this goal in mind, we introduce students to professionalism through coursework, clubs, and hands-on internships.

By modeling and practicing communication skills, we promote our students’ ability:

  • To listen actively
  • To think critically
  • To express themselves clearly
  • To advocate for themselves effectively

The Professional Studies department focuses on collaboration and leadership and inspires entrepreneurship and innovation.

One part of this is the Landmark Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (LEAP), which provides funding for student innovation teams to develop an idea or product and seek additional outside funding for further development. The Idea Lab is a makerspace sponsored by LEAP for experimentation and testing of new approaches and products.

LEAP is just one of several integrated cocurricular aspects of the Professional Studies department. The department offers courses in media production with our campus TV station and WLMC radio station, and with the student-run magazine, Voices.

The learning continues after school hours with clubs and other activities. Not only can students pursue interests in entertainment, social media, and journalism, but they may gain experiences with marketing and public relations.

Many credit-bearing and resume-building internships are associated with the Professional Studies department. Learn to work with a team, in an office or out in the field. Come to understand first-hand about professional responsibilities and how to interact with clients and the public. A wide range of internships for nearly every interest are available.

Degree Programs

Associate of Arts in Business Studies

The Business Program’s Professional Business Core provides students with a basic understanding of the business environment, management theory, marketing, and accounting practices. The specific requirements allow students to select a course of study that prepares them to seek entry-level managerial positions or to transfer to a four-year institution as business majors.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership degree focuses on project management, team building, and ethics to prepare our students for entry-level jobs in fields such as civic organizing, media production, public relations, business, and other positions that require organizational leadership and development.

The degree provides progressive and relevant preparation to address today’s increasingly complex work environment of global expansiveness, cultural collisions, and accelerating pace of technology

Choose Your Focus:

B.A. in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership majors choose from one of two strands as a solid foundation on a career path:

  • Leadership for Organizational and Social Change
  • Multimodal Communication and Storytelling


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