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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.-PSY) degree at Landmark College is designed to prepare students for graduate study or entry-level positions in community mental health, education, public affairs, health, human resources, employment counseling, grant development, business or sales. Consistent with American Psychological Association (APA) standards, the B.A.-PSY program explores knowledge areas related to psychology, neurodiversity, and learning. Students will develop skills in the design and application of research, and they will engage in experiential opportunities designed to enrich professional habits through self-reflection, collaboration, and project management.

Understand How Minds Work

The B.A.-PSY at Landmark College will provide opportunities for students to apply psychological and educational principles to behavior and learning, and to demonstrate comprehension of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical findings. Graduates will demonstrate sound research and writing skills, effective professional and interpersonal communication skills, ethical and socially responsible behavior in diverse environments, and analytical, creative problem-solving skills. Students will benefit from associations, (e.g., internships, shared research projects, symposium participation) with the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT).

Students interested in the B.A.-PSY may choose to begin in the A.A. in Liberal Studies curriculum with a concentration in either psychology or education. To earn the B.A.-PSY, students must complete 121 credits which includes the general education core (21 credits not met by major requirements), 50 credits of major requirements, and 44 credits of open electives which provides the opportunity for students to design a program of interest that works for them. Students must complete at least 46 credits at the 3000/4000 level and achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA in the following major requirements:

B.A. in Psychology Major Requirements

16 credits of Foundation Knowledge

  • PSY 1011 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
    Also fulfills the social science requirement in the core
  • BIO 1511 Introduction to Biology (Nat Science with Lab) (4 credits)
    Also fulfills the natural science with lab requirement in the core
  • PSY2021 Child Development (3 credits)
    PSY2031 Adolescent and Adult Development (3 credits)
  • PSY2071 Educational Psychology (3 credits)
    PSY2081 Cognitive Psychology (3 credits)
  • EDU2051 Learning Disabilities Seminar (3 credits)

9 credits of Inquiry

  • MAT2621 Applied Statistics (3 credits—may be used to meet math requirement in core)
  • PSY 2011 Introduction to Psychology Research
    Also fulfills the quantitative reasoning requirement in the core
  • PSY3011 Social Science Research

6 credits of Neurodiversity and Multicultural Understanding

  • PSY 3*** Neurodiversity and the Brain (3 credits)
  • Select one of the following:
    • PSY3061 Diversity Psychology (3 credits)
    • PSY 4011 Social Identity in a Diverse World (3 credits)
    • EDU4011 Sem in Learning Diff, Politics & Culture (3 credits)

15 credits in “Individuals & Society Selected Topics”

  • Courses must be at 3000/4000 level
  • Two courses must be Psychology courses

Senior Capstone: Psychology Seminar (4 credits)

General Education Core

21 credits at the 1000 – 2000 level:

  • WRT1011 Composition and Rhetoric (3 credits)
  • WRT1012 Research and Analysis (3 credits)
  • EDU1011 Perspectives in Learning (3 credits)
  • COM1011 Intro. to Communication (3 credits)
  • Humanities Distribution (3 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)

Additional General Education Requirements

  • Alternative Study: Internship, Study Abroad, or Clinical placement (3 credits)
  • Advanced Writing in the Discipline (3 credits)

Open Electives

44 credits

121 total credits




Lynne Shea, M.A.
Dean of the School of Liberal Studies and the Arts
(802) 387-6727



Interested in applying?

Whether you are new to Landmark College or are a former student interested in returning for a baccalaureate degree, you can apply here. (The re-enrollment process for Landmark College alumni can be found under the Returning tab.)

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