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Schedule and DJs

WLMC Spring 2022 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 – 10 a.m. Open Dylan and Jonathan Open Open Open Quinn Colty Nina King
10 a.m. – Noon Open WLMC Leadership Danny Williams Lydia Haswell Open Joy Webster Christian Laureano
Noon – 2 p.m. Open Open Megan Eklund Open Open Aidan Kipp Sam Spinney
2 – 4 p.m. Radio Production Open Open Radio Production Gregory Despines Open James Peyrouse-Bremmer
4 – 6 p.m. Radio Production Open Open Radio Production Kevin Hoffman Open Gavin Wieland
6 – 8 p.m. Corwin Beliz Chase O'Brien Open Petar & Brendan Matty Robson Jackson Whitmyer Ian Pearce
8 – 10 p.m. Mila Bloom Kenny Pepper Holly Kasten Open Matt Snell LukeZdankiewiz Julian Bond
10 p.m. – Midnight Open Eden Kayser Open Seth Harding Jason Dewald Open Open

Meet the DJs

  • Daniel Molster poses with Bugs Bunny mascot at Hanna Barbera Studios

    DJ Dan the Man Molster with Chucky Cheese mascot

    Daniel Molster is the current WLMC Station Manager and has been a member of WLMC’s Leadership Team since Spring 2019.

    His show, “Entertainment Toon-Night.” is aired on Tuesdays from 6 – 8 p.m. on WLMC and features wacky and wild humor, music, and mayhem for all ages!

    Daniel Molster is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with two minors, one in Education and one in Communication and he plans to graduate in Spring 2023/


  • Jason DeWald holding a trophy

    Jason DeWald is a four-year student at Landmark College. He is from Marshall, Virginia. He is working on his Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership (B.A. COMEL) and is graduating in Spring 2022.  His show is about sports talk and mainly playing country music with a little bit of rock music. Come hang out from with him from 10 p.m. – midnight on Fridays at You can follow him on Twitter @jtdewald.

  • Petar Petrovic is known as DJ Petro and has been a WLMC DJ since Fall 2019 and is part of the WLMC Leadership Team as the Associate Station Manager. Petar is from New York City, his show name is just DJ Petro and DJ Sir Mix A Lot Brendan, which airs Thursdays from 6 p.m – 8 p.m.

  • Want to talk Boston sports?  Then DJ Humuhumunokonokoapuua, a.k.a. the Flyin Hawaiian is your man!  Sometimes goes by his real name, Chase O’Brien, and is from Boxford, MA. He has an A.A. in Life Science and is currently working towards a B.A. in Life Sciences. His show is Tuesdays from 6 – 8 p.m. and he plays music and talks sports. He loves both of those things and loves sharing his passion for them. Please do find him on social media using Chase O’Brien.

  • Brendan Lemieux is from Harvard, MA. He is a is working on the B.A. COMEL degree and is in his 5th semester. Unique to him ... “I was almost bitten by a rattlesnake on a hike in Tennessee.” His show is with Petar @ Thursday from 6 – 8 p.m. The duo plays good music and talks sports and other interesting topics. He uses Instagram, Linkedin, and Snapchat. Reach out to Brendan or Petar at  and or

  • Photo of Megan Eklund

    Megan Eklund is a DJ at Landmark College. She is in her second semester and right now majoring in Liberal Studies. This scholarly student was born and raised in Northern Virginia. While growing up, the only two places you could find her were on the soccer field playing with her teammates or doing tech work at a performing arts studio. Megan Eklund's music types and personality can be described as quintessential. Some examples of music genres you might hear include Pop, Classical, Instrumental, Musical, or on a special day a Podcast. So chime in every Wednesday from 12-2 pm. This show is for all listeners big and small to near and far. Open for anyone who wants to feel an empowering connection with music in the afternoon, because that is when we need it the most.  Tune in to Megan at

  • Nina King is currently a second year student and is undeclared as far as a major but is considering a Bachelor’s of Art degree in life science or communications. Unique about Nina: she plays guitar, piano, acting, dance, and does performing arts whenever and wherever she can and loves to make people laugh. Her show interestes include playing Broadway and other great show tunes!  As Nina says, “whatever music is playing, you’ll for sure enjoy it.”  Tune in to Nina on Sunday mornings from 8 a.m -10 a.m.

  • Christian Laureano, also known as DJ Chris, is a four-year student at Landmark College and hails from New York. He is determined to complete the B.A. COMEL in the near future. A big nerd with a bigger heart, he loves to talk Magic. On Sunday 10 – 12 p.m., Christian hosts Night Mayhem with co-hosts Zachary and Ziad. The trio plans to give you a cheap laugh and listen to whatever they decide to share. Do tune in!

  • Matt Snell’s show, Electrik Techno, airs Fridays from 8 – 10 p.m. Playing many solo artists and bands who play electric and techno music. Anyone can listen to some amazing music at Follow me at xPloded Chicken on Youtube. Matt is a Liberal Studies major and wants to attend a film school to create stories and direct movies.

  • Gavin William Wieland, born in Petoskey, MI, is a sophomore, Liberal Studies major at Landmark College. He enjoys playing the drums and singing. His show, The Roots Of Songs on Sundays from 4 – 6 p.m., is meant to entertain audiences and introduce them to the types of music that he enjoys. He hopes to inspire and comfort those listening in. Anyone who want can tune into, and he does use Snapchat. Email Gavin at

  • Jamie Peyrouse Bremer was born in Hanoi and adopted and raised in Boston Massachusetts. He is pursuing both his associates degree in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. James’ life has been full of theater and the arts. He participated in Tufts Children’s Theater camp for eight years, He has seen numerous Broadway shows and listens to showtunes about 80% of the time when he listens to music. His show airs from 2 – 4 p.m. on Saturdays and you can expect pop, R&B, alt pop—some of them are throwback songs from the 80s and 90s. Anyone who just wants to chill and listen to some good tunes can listen in!

  • Seth Robert Harding is from Calvert County, Maryland, and is a freshmen majoring in Liberal Studies. Something interesting about Seth ... he has done SCUBA diving, hatchet throwing, and blacksmithing. His show name is S (Seth’s). R (radio). H (hour) and happens every Thursday at 10 p.m. He plays mainstream and Indie music, as well as potentially bring guests in to talk with.

    Anyone who is interested may listen. He uses both Instagram and Snapchat at sethharding2000. He hopes to see you all on social media and please feel free to send feedback or requests to Instagram.

  • Constantine “Dixon” Hawthorne, 1st year from Northern Virginia, pursuing a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Dixon is an organ donor and uses any pronouns. Friend of Dixon is aired Thursday 2 – 4 p.m., celebrating queer and small artists. Most active on Twitter @FriendofDixon, posting life updates, interactions with fans, and showtimes.

  • From Derry NH, Lydia has already finished her A.A. in Liberal Studies in December of 2020 and is now working on her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in education.

    Show name: Mistry Music and it happens on Thursday from 10a.m  – 12 p.m.

    Lydia likes to keep her listeners on their toes!   Listeners never know what they are going to listen to because of the wide range of music. The purpose of Lydia’s show is to keep listeners interested and wanting to come back and listen time and time again.

  • Kenny Pepper, a.k.a DJ Kenny J is from West Windsor, NJ. He is a senior going for his BA in COMEL.  He is a huge Star Wars and Marvel fan, as well as a big Lego collector. He is a passionate Philadelphia Eagles' and loves to explore and go on hike. His show, KJP radio, is every Tuesday from 8-10pm. KJP Radio is a music discovery show with the goal of listening to familiar and unfamiliar music. He will mostly be listening to a mix of hip-hop & EDM but also wants to have some classic shows exploring the studio's vinyl collection. 

  • Kevin Hoffman is from  Jackson NJ, and is very interested in film and video creatioin. He is also a huge classic rock fan.  Kevin’s classic rock block is Friday afternoon 4-6 p.m. and his show is all classic rock all the time.

  • Ian Pearce is from Newton Massachusetts, and he is currently a sophomore at Landmark College, majoring in Liberal Studies. In his free time, Ian enjoys reading, writing, swimming, hiking, singing, and of course, listening to and studying music. That being said, he runs a radio show called, Musical Themes Explored with Ian Pearce, which is just the place for anyone hoping to embrace the way music impacts our everyday lives with its wide range of melodies, lyrics, and themes. You can email Ian with requests for his show at,   Make sure, when requesting your song, that you know the prompt to answer, which will be a question that helps us build connections with others. Thank you very much and enjoy the show.

  • Mathias “Matty” Robson, is originally from Farmington, and is a first year in college student and would like to focus on broadcasting. Unique about Matty is he loves telling hilarious jokes. His show name is “Matty For Variety”, and it is scheduled to be on Fridays at 6-8 PM. He plays the best variety of tunes and includes rare songs no one has ever heard before. Anyone who likes any variety of music is free to listen. 

  • Joyelle Himalaya Webster (DJ Joy) is from Brunswick, Maine. She is currently a freshman at here at Landmark (College). Her intended major is Animal Behavior, but she is still exploring other majors and interests.  She loves to sing and volunteer in her hometown. Her Saturday 10-12 show “ Who let the Sharks loose”  is meant to make peoples days brighter by sharing the energizing music that she enjoys.

  • About DJ Luke was born and raised in Southbury, Ct. and graduated from Pomperaug 
    High School in May 2018 and spent one year studying at Roger Williams University and has since transferred to Landmark. In his 6th semester studying to achieve a bachelor’s 
    degree in Life Sciences.  An interesting fact about Luke is he and his family are all avid skiers and spend many a-winter weekend in Killington Vermont. Feel free to offer suggestions by messaging Luke on my Instagram account  lzdank1. Anyone who is in search of some fun popular music to listen to can tune  in to my show every Saturday from 8-10pm on WLMC Landmark College Radio.

  • Julian Bond is from the Bronx, New York and is in his 3rd year in college. Something unique about Julian is that he has a good demeanor when hanging out with friends. The name of his show on WLMC is called The Kayfabe Corner. It happens every Sunday night from 8pm to 10pm. It's about talking and discussing the latest news of what happening in different wrestling companies in the U.S. The purpose is to talk about how well the different wrestling companies are doing, what went wrong for them during the week, and what were the ratings for that wrestling company. Anyone who is interested or is a fan of professional wrestling should give it a listen.

  • Samuel Spinney is from Newburyport, Massachusetts, this is his second semester here at Landmark College and his current major is computer science. A unique trait about Sam is that he is talented when it comes to drawings, the sketches that he does are incredibly detailed and are all done freehand. Sam's radio show is on Sunday's from 12 - 2 and the name of the show is DJ Spin's Variety Music, each show has a different type of music every week.

  • Dylan Basora-Kennelly also known as DJ Dylan is from New York City. It is DJ Dylan has been at Landmark College for 7 semesters and is Majoring in Communication with a minor in psychology. DJ Dylan along with DJ John host the Pit which plays heavy music and host conversations about random topics and current events. DJ Dylan does not have any social media.

  • Jonathan Gerraughty (DJ Jon G) is from Canaan, NH. He graduated from High School in 2017 in Massachusetts and is Pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science. Jon has a show at 8AM with Dylan Basora-Kennelly with variety talking, as well as playing hard rock. 

    You can follow Jon on twitter @JonGerraughty

  • Eden Kayser is from Norristown PA. She is currently in her 4th semester, graduating with an AA in Liberal Studies then pursuing a BA in Communications. She's really into retro video games. Her show, The Chaos of Eden airs on Tuesdays from 10pm to 12am. She likes to play rock music, talk comedically about a variety of topics, and be unpredictable in her show. You can follow her on Facebook by sending a friend request.

  • Miller Howrey, a.k.a. F1nalsmas, a freshman working on a computer science degree and he loves hanging out with friends and playing video games. His show is called "Guys being Dudes", you can catch it from 2 – 4 p.m. on Wednesdays. if you enjoy podcasts You should listen in because this is a radio podcast with some music as well. You can find me on youtube @F1nalsmash

  • Alexandra Jassin is from Madison, New Jersey. Her DJ name is DJ AJ, and this is her first time on radio. She is in her senior year at Landmark College, pursuing a B.A. in Psychology with a subfocus in art, and hopes to pursue a career in art therapy post graduation. She has worked for the Landmark College Centers for Diversity and Inclusion as a staff member at the Center for Women and Gender since Spring 2019.

    DJ AJ’s show happens weekly on Thursdays from 4 – 6 p.m., with a focus on women, LGBTQIA, and gender—nonconforming artists in music, with occasional pop culture and relevant news. She aims to create an inclusive and intersectional show aiming at representation that is empowering for others.

    You can follow her on instagram at @velvet.rain, and on twitter at @fart_ze_art

  • Danny Williams is a first semester radio broadcaster and college student. From Frederick, Maryland, which is 40 minutes away from Washington, DC. As of now, I have already performed my first show on the WLMC and my friends have encouraged me to go by M.C. Phantom and so far no official name for the show. On my show, I would like to talk about music as I am a big collector of vinyl records, as well as movies, and other pop culture topics. For social media, I mostly use Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook from time to time.

  • Nailah Quail-Parker, a.k.a. DJ Nailah, is from Queens, New York. She is 23, a transfer student, and business major here at Landmark College. She has an obsession with purple and therefore has purple hair. She runs a show called “Music with Tea” that airs on Mondays from 4 – 6 p.m. The show consists of lots of music: hip hop, rap, neo soul, indie, pop, musicals, etc., and has a “what would you do?” tone where sometimes Nailah (and friends) will find stories via the Internet and reactions to them. Listeners who like tea [gossip] would be interested.

    Instagram: @lovesherworld

  • Emily Estko, a.k.a. DJ Emily, is from Sunnyvale California and is in her sixth semester at Landmark College and is majoring in communications. A fact about Emily is that she likes dogs and her radio shows is Sundays from 8 – 10 a.m. She plays music and anyone can listen in. Emily uses snapchat as her social media. If anyone wants to add Emily as a friend on snapchat, you can send her a friend request.

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