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Rise Up Center


  • Reclaim—we want to reclaim our history and our stories
  • Inspire—we want to inspire each other and future generations
  • Sustain—we want to sustain each other
  • Empower—we want to empower each and those around us
  • Unite—we want to unite to fight for fairness
  • Provide—we want to provide knowledge and power for the people

The RISE UP Center was created in the Spring of 2017 by students and staff at Landmark College. The center is a “BRAVE Space” for all students who identify as people of color to organize, collaborate, and build community amongst themselves as well as the outside community.

The Center provides programming in the form of guided discussions, educational films, field trips, community engagement events, and volunteerism. Our programming is aimed at providing students of color with the opportunity to build solidarity with one another, while also analytically examining topics relevant to their own communities.

The Center is open to all students at Landmark College. However, certain programming is designed specifically for students of color only.

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