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Housing Applications

Online Housing Applications & Residence Account

New Students

After submitting the deposit, students will get access to the housing application instructions & application through the OnBoarding portal.

In the instructions will be a link to fill out the online housing application. After the housing application is submitted nothing further will need to be done until:

—Room assignments are made and released, OR

—If Residential Life contacts you for more information.

Beginning January 6, 2022 (for Spring semester) and (June 21, 2022) (For Summer/Fall semesters) students will be emailed information on how to access their housing room placement and roommate information (if applicable) through the Residence online housing system. This information will be sent via the student’s Landmark College email.

Returning Students

If you would like to be considered for a room change, please log in to your Residence Account to submit a room change form. Room change forms are available mid semester. Please check your Landmark College email account for the form reminder, including login instructions and a link to the Residence Account.

Students who have submitted their Room Change Form by the deadline may expect to view their housing assignments approximately 3 weeks prior to the end of the semester. Returning students may view their housing assignment for the next term or semester on their Residence Account.

Current students enrolled for the Fall semester do not need to move out of their room at the end of the semester if they are staying in the same room for the Spring semester. Students who are changing rooms will need to fully move out of their room at the beginning of winter break and will be able to move into their new residence hall at the beginning of January Term or Spring semester. Please refer to our Storage, Packing, and Shipping page for contact information for local storage companies.

Current students enrolled in either Spring semester or Summer term must move out of their assignments at the end of the specific semester or term.

Residence Account

Landmark College uses an online housing system called Residence. Once a student has completed a housing application for their first time on campus, a Residence Account is set up for that student for future use. Once notified, students can access their Residence Account at any time to view their current and future housing assignment. All correspondence regarding housing is sent to students via their Landmark College email accounts. All applications are submitted electronically. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

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