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Welcome to the Business Office

The Business Office is the place to go for help with tuition payments and refunds, Quikpay, and your campus card account.

We recognize that a college education is a major investment for students and their families. Here at Landmark College, we try to limit our fee increases and be as generous as possible with our payment schedules. But we also need to ensure that we have the funds on hand to meet our promises to our students, and to provide support for our educational programs. Our goal is to make our programs as flexible as possible to meet individual student needs, and our Business Office team is here to make the process of payments and refunds as easy as possible.

Landmark College’s financial aid packages typically consist of a mix of state and federal grants and loans, as well as college scholarship support of up to $42,000. The Financial Aid Office is ready to assist you in funding your education at Landmark College and to share a wide variety of funding sources available to you.

Making Payments

Quikpay is the College’s convenient online system for credit card, debit card, and e-check payments. It can be used to pay tuition and fees, and to add value to student ID cards. Students can set up authorized payers—such as parents—who will receive billing notification via email. They will be able to make online payments, review bills and examine payment history 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Quikpay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and e-check for all payments. Note: A 2.70% service fee applies to credit card payments used to pay tuition fees, not for campus card additions; there is no service fee for e-checks. Students can set up their payers through their Landmark College Intranet Account, and their authorized payers can pay through Quikpay.

Please note that Quikpay is the only way the College can accept credit or debit card payments, and students must individually authorize payers because of privacy (FERPA) regulations.

(When searching for our payment system, please note that it’s spelled “Quikpay,” not “Quickpay.”)

Payment Plans

To make financing college expenses easier on our students and their families, Landmark College has a tuition payment service that offers a monthly payment plan for academic fees. Information on this service is included in each student’s enrollment agreement package and can be found online at the Quikpay site.

Late Payment and Nonpayment

Any student whose payment is late in any given term will be assessed a late fee of 1.5% on any unpaid overdue balance on the first of each month (that’s an annual rate of 18%). The minimum late fee is $50, regardless of the amount overdue. Additionally, at the discretion of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, any student who does not make satisfactory payment arrangements with the Office of Administration and Finance in any given term may be required to leave the College and forfeit all deposits, payments, and course credits for that term. No records of academic progress, transcripts, or other academic records will be released for any student whose accounts are not fully paid.


After the third statement of nonpayment, the College generally refers accounts to third-party collection agencies.

International payments

International students can use Quikpay to view bills, but Quikpay can not be used for international payments. For international payments, students can use peerTransfer to make low-cost bank wire payments. Using peerTransfer, students can save on bank fees and exchange rates, track payments from start to finish, and have dedicated customer support for assistance.

Students new to Landmark College receive a payment calendar and specific payment instructions with their enrollment agreement. Previously enrolled students are asked to make payments on the schedule below. The enrollment deposit must be received before a student will be allowed to register for courses that semester.

Date Amount Due Explanation
April 15, 2023 $750.00 Fall enrollment deposit
August 1, 2023 $42,287.00 Fall semester payment

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw voluntarily, for medical reasons, or for serious emergencies shall forfeit the application fee and enrollment deposit, but may receive a partial refund of tuition, room, and board fees, as noted below.*

A 100% (less any deposit paid) refund will be issued if the student withdraws in writing prior to the start of Summer Programs offered by Landmark College or January Term classes. There is no refund after classes start, regardless of whether the student actually attended any classes.

Requests for refunds should be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Finance. If granted, refunds will be remitted by check from Landmark College to the person designated as the responsible payor.

When the total fee was paid by more than one person or entity, the amount of refund granted will be paid to the party listed as the Responsible Payor.

When a withdrawing student has accumulated outstanding bills or fines, the refund will be reduced by the amount owed.

When any authorized refund represents, in whole or in part, the proceeds of any private, state, or federal financial aid, the amount refunded will be based on the applicable federal refund formula.

No refund of tuition, room, or board fees is made when a student is suspended or expelled from Landmark College. Any unpaid student account balance at the time of suspension/expulsion must be paid in full.

Percentage Refunded of Tuition, Room and Board Fees
First Week of Class 80%
Second Week of Class 60%
Third Week of Class 40%
Fourth Week of Class 20%
After Fourth Week of Class 0%

Applying for and Receiving a Refund

Applications for refunds must be made in writing to the Office for Administration and Finance.

Any approved refund amount will be reduced by the amount of outstanding bills, fines and other charges.

Refunds will be issued by check to the individual or entity listed as the Responsible Payor.

If all or part of the refundable fees represents the proceeds of any federal financial aid, refunds will be based on the applicable federal refund formula.


*Voluntary or Medical Withdrawal Week of Academic Term/Semester.

Students are encouraged to open a Campus Card Account at Landmark College. This account (accessible through the student ID card) allows students to make purchases at the College Bookstore, Fireside Café, beverage and snack vending machines, dining hall, and participating off-campus locations. The Campus Card Account is a convenient way for students to purchase books and supplies at the beginning of the semester, as well as to ensure access to spending money for snacks and supplies during the semester. Funds can be added to the account at any time (see Frequently Asked Questions).

Note on Obtaining Cash

The College does not give cash advances from the Campus Account, and the campus card does not work in ATMs. If you need cash, you have the following options:

  • ATMs are available in the Dining Hall (Alumni Hall) entryway and on the first floor of the Strauch Family Student Center. The machines accept almost any credit or debit card. The transaction fee is $2.00 plus any fee your home bank may charge. The ATM is sponsored by Prosperity Bank and accepts the following cash networks: MasterCard, Cirrus, Visa, Plus, American Express, Discover, Star, Pulse, NYCE, CUZ4, AFFN, Accel, Quest, and Shazar.
  • Check cashing service is available at the College Bookstore. (See policies.)
  • You can maintain a bank account with a local bank. The following banks have branches in Putney:
    • People’s United Bank
    • River Valley Credit Union

Frequently Asked Questions about Campus Accounts

  • As a student at Landmark College, your student ID card is automatically set up to be used as a Campus Card if you choose to do so. All you need to do is add funds to the card through Quikpay (see Quikpay tab above) or via another method as described below.

    The Campus Card is the same as your Landmark College Student ID card. This card is also your meal plan card and building access card.

    If you are a new student who is not yet on campus, you can add funds to your Campus Account prior to your arrival.

  • A guest payer or new student without a Quikpay account can use Quikpay to make a payment using an e-check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. You will need to know the student’s ID number and birthday. There are no credit card service fees charged to use this service. Funds will be applied to the Campus Account by the end of the next business day.

    An authorized Quikpay user can log in to Quikpay to make a payment using any of above methods.

    A student with a Quikpay account can log in to Quikpay to make a payment using any of above methods.

    Funds can also be added to the card by mailing a check made out to Landmark College. Please indicate the student’s name and note that it should be applied to the Campus Account.

    Funds can also be added at New Student Registration via check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Just stop by the Campus Card table.

    Funds can be added to the card in person by presenting cash or check to a Business Office associate in the Administration Building.

  • Money applied to the account is equivalent to “Landmark Points,” which are funds that can be used at on and off campus locations (see the Dining page for details).

    Money on the Campus Card can be spent in the Landmark College Bookstore as well as the Fireside Cafe. the Dining Hall, and in all beverage and snack vending machines. There are also a number of off-campus locations that accept the Campus Card, aka “Landmark Points.” The purchase of tobacco products, alcohol, and gasoline is not allowed.

  • Your account balance appears on your receipt after making a purchase with your Campus Card. Students also have online access to account balances through SharkNet.

  • If a student is planning to return to the College, the funds will remain on the card for use when the student returns. If a student is not planning to return to the College, all unspent funds are credited to the student’s tuition account. Any credit balances on the tuition account are refunded several weeks after the end of the semester.

  • No, the College does not give cash advances from the card. If a student needs cash, they should use the ATMs located outside the bookstore near the student mailboxes or in the lobby of the dining hall. Campus cards do not work in the ATM. Students can also cash checks in the College Bookstore.

  • No, at this time the Campus Card is not compatible with the ChangePoint system used by our laundry machines. The laundry machines accept coins (change machines available in laundry rooms) or traditional bank debit cards.

  • For the Fall or Spring semester, we suggest that the student start with $500 to $600, which should be enough for books, some supplies, and some extra spending money. For the Summer programs, $100 is a good starting amount. The bookstore also accepts cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.

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