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Core Values

As a Landmark College student, you have earned your place in one of the most progressive educational programs and communities in the world:

  • Where we aspire to live by our core values of Respect, Understanding, Safety and Honesty
  • Where the diversity in our perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences extends to how we each learn and engage with the world                                                                             
  • Where we refuse to tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, or indifference

The core values of the Landmark community include hard work, respect for others and oneself, honesty, safety, and understanding.  From these core values, we derive our standards of conduct, which establish the expectations for all student members of the Landmark College community.

These are our core values: Respect, Understanding, Safety, and Honesty (RUSH).

  • Be Respectful of yourself and those around you. We're all working to accomplish big things here. It's important that everyone is respected and treated fairly and with compassion. Remember—you only get respect if you give it out first. While you're at it, remember to respect the campus and our town. Treat your home well.
  • Be Understanding. We can all remember a time when what makes us different (how we learn, what we believe, how we look) has set us apart and made us feel alone. Be accepting of your peers. Celebrate their talents and help them address their limitations. Everyone is working hard. Lend a hand by making them feel they are not alone.
  • Be Safe. Do your part in making this campus safe for you and everyone else. This means more than locking doors and securing your valuables. Make choices that keep you healthy and safe (yes, this includes choices around substances). Don't participate in or tolerate bullying, and resolve conflicts without using anger, intimidation or force. Have each other's back.  
  • Be Honest. Nobody moves forward if they are not honest with themselves and with others. Despite even the best efforts, mistakes and poor choices will be made. Step up and learn from them.
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