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COVID-19 Update: Read latest guidance for Spring and Summer 2021 campus residential programs.

High School Summer Program—We are looking forward to seeing you on campus this summer!

Congratulations on your decision to join us in July for the High School Summer Program! We are looking forward to your arrival! This page contains much of the information you will need in order to prepare for your time on campus.

Available Soon:

  • The Making Your Way to Landmark College guide is for new students and families. Here you will find all of the information you need to prepare for the program.
  • Enrollment Documents—All of the forms teach student needs to complete before you arrive. The forms that require your information can either be typed or printed out and completed by hand.
    • Forms Checklist
    • General Release and Acknowledgement of Consent
    • Enrollment Information & Billing Statement
    • College Activity & Excursion Waiver
    • White Water Rafting Waiver—Please complete rafting waiver even if student is not sure they want to participate.
    • Health History—Please include a copy of the front and back of your insurance card.
    • Over the Counter Medications Authorization
    • Tuberculosis Screening
    • Immunization Record
    • Instructions for Students Taking Prescription Medications
    • Air Travel Information Form—Required for students arriving via air transportation.
    • Campus Card Account Application (Optional Form)
    • Permission to Leave Campus Form—Required if student will be absent for any portion of the program at any time. Please see form for details. Also required if anyone other than parent or guardian of record will pick student up at the close of the program.
    • Afternoon Activity preference form and Activity Options and Descriptions
    • Housing Applications—Available in May for all deposited students. These applications will be e-mailed to students at their email address within one week of deposit. Housing assignments will be issued upon arriving on campus. Questions about the application or housing process can be sent to (please specify that your question is for the 2020 High School Summer Program).
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