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Solvegi Shmulsky

Solvegi Shmulsky headshot

Interim Dean of the School of Liberal Studies and the Arts, Professor of Psychology; Program Coordinator, B.A. in Psychology

EMAIL: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
PHONE: 802-387-6754

Administration 217


M.Ed., Human Development, University of Massachusetts

B.A., Human Services, University of Massachusetts


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Gobbo, K. & Shmulsky, S (2014). Faculty experience with college students with autism spectrum disorders: A qualitative study of challenges and solutions. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 29 (1), 13-22.

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Gobbo, K. & Shmulsky, S. (2011 online, 2012 in print). Classroom Needs of College Students with Asperger Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 36(1), 40-46.

Shmulsky, S. & Gobbo, K. (2007). Explanatory style and grade point average for students with LD, ADHD and combined LD/ADHD.  Journal of Attention Disorders. 

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Shmulsky, S. (2003). Social and emotional issues for students with learning disabilities.  In: Understanding Learning Disabilities at the Postsecondary Level. Shea, L.C. & Strothman, S. (Eds). Putney, Landmark College. 

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Gobbo, K. & Shmulsky, S. (2000). Understanding Perfectionism in College. College Teaching. 

Academic Interests



Positive Psychology

Human Development

Research on the relationship between thinking and feeling (how explanatory style is associated with well-being)

Cognitive and Psychosocial Development

Identity Development for Persons with LD and ADHD

Models of ADHD

Manifestations of ADHD in Adulthood

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