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Library Computer Use

The following restrictions apply when using computers in the Landmark College Library:

  • Eating or drinking from open beverage containers
  • Changing the settings, adding shortcuts to the desktop, or installing programs or utilities
  • Saving documents on the hard drive overnight; they will be erased
  • Copying software from any of the public computers for any reason
  • Copying of College-licensed software (This is illegal.)
  • Printing massive documents or using the printer as a copy machine for images or web sites
  • Printing more than ten pages on a color printer without the permission of the librarian on duty
  • Using computers for non-academic use, e.g. game playing and burning audio or photo CD’s for personal use
  • Using the Internet to visit websites that might be considered inappropriate in an academic setting

In addition, please note the following:

Scanning of text and images, video capture and saving, copying or saving of images, audio, video, text, or webpages from the computers, internet, CD-ROMs, books, magazines or other sources may be considered reproductions of copyrighted material. For more information on copyright policies, please see our copyright page.

Library computers have priority uses according to their software or peripherals (e.g., scanners). If you are using a computer with a scanner for email, for example, and another person needs to scan, the Library staff may ask you to use another computer.

For your own security, please logout when you are finished with the computer.

Reservations for the Use of the Media Stations

We recommend that you sign up for use of media stations with scanners, video equipment, the CD burner, or the color printer.

Reservations for use of the specialized media stations can also be made ahead of time, up to two weeks in advance.

Reservations for use of these special media stations will be available in two-hour blocks at a time, but no more than two a day, and cannot be four hours in a row (that is, not 2 two hour blocks in a row).

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