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Confidentiality of Library Records Policy


To affirm the Landmark College Library’s compliance with Vermont Act No. 128 Confidentiality of Library Patron Records.

Scope (or Applicability)

Landmark College students, staff, faculty, and visitors


The Landmark College Library maintains confidentiality of student, faculty, staff, and visitor circulation and interlibrary loan records. Under Vermont law all library transactions are private and confidential. Library records may only be shared with the patron or viewed by a member of the Library staff or its officers in the normal conduct of their duties. 


  • Circulation records: The Landmark College Library maintains a database that stores records of Library resources a community member has borrowed.
  • Interlibrary loan records: The Library’s database also stores records of items borrowed from another library by Landmark College faculty, students, and staff, as well as items borrowed from the Landmark College Library by patrons of other libraries.
  • Visitor records: Landmark College Library visitors who live in Windham County can apply to borrow Library resources in accordance with the Landmark College Library Visitors Policy.
  • Patron: A person who has borrowed library resources.
  • Vermont law: Act No. 128 Confidentiality of Library Patron Records:


The Landmark College Library

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