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Tips for Success

We’ve learned much from collaborating with faculty over the years:

  • Consider sharing your information literacy assignment with a librarian for a clarity check.
    Some elements of a research assignment can be unintentionally ambiguous to students. We’ve worked with confused students, and so we have insight into what may be unclear to them in an otherwise straightforward assignment.
  • Require your students to have their research topics before an information literacy session.
    We can help them refine their topics, turning them into inquiries, but students who arrive without a topic tend to flounder and be unprepared to learn from the session.
  • Encourage your students to meet individually with a librarian if after an information literacy session, they’re still struggling to find and make sense of what they need.
  • Meet with a research librarian, in person or via Teams, to customize a workshop to the needs of your students and their assignment.

Anything you would like to add? Let us know! [email protected]

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