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First Days in Ireland

An uneventful flight brought us safely to Ireland. We spent Sunday settling in to our residences at Corrib Village, on the campus of the National University of Ireland in Galway, and enjoyed our first group meal at the Skeffington Arms on Eyre Square.  For all our warnings about the cold and damp Irish weather, Sunday and Monday were delightful:  clear blue skies, cool breezes, temperature in the high 60’s.

Dinner at the Skeff in Galway

Monday was our first class meeting and a walking tour of historical sites in Galway, the City of the Tribes.

Lecture at NUI Galway

Class outside at NUI/Galway. Irish sunshine: a rare commodity!

Drum Tower in the Mall

The Drum Tower under the mall in Galway.

Near the Spanish Arch

others near the spanish arch

In the background is the site of the former fishing village, the Claddagh.  As Mike was explaining the legend of the Galway claddagh ring, an American woman overheard and showed us hers, and explained the lore about the signficance of how the ring is worn.

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