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NYC Blog, Days 7-9

From Program Director Eve Khan: Sadly, today is the last day of our trip. As we head back to Vermont and to campus, we would like  to share some highlights from the past two, very busy days and a selection of work from students’ sketchbooks! (More sketches to come later in the week.)  

This has been a fantastic trip with a bunch of extremely wonderful students and Professor Rowlett and I feel very fortunate to have shared this experience with you. 

Sketches by Leo Premru

Sketch of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup canPencil Sketch of Egyptian Heiroglyphs

Sketches by Lana Deane

Sketch pad with drawings of small dog from front and back on left page and then several Egyptian symbols on right page

Sketches by Eden Kayser:

Pencil sketch of Urn in black and orangeColor pencil sketch of portrait of white haired man

Sketches by Will Tinsley:

Colored pencil sketch of a floor planPencil sketch of sword

Sketches by Arrow Barnard:

Pencil sketch of person wavingSketch of an angel in profile


French fries rendering Professor Rowlett speechless and Dylan Yamaguchi reading and eating sweet potato fries:

Picture across table of man in baseball cap eating French friesPicture of student at table reading a book

Kudos to Eden Kayser for coordinating a day trip to the Cat Cafe: 

Black and white tuxedo cat sitting on bookshelfCalico cat sitting in cat bed

Gathering around a 25,000 year carving of a horse on a stone in The Natural History Museum:

Over should image of man in baseball cap and protective mask discussing exhibit with studentsNatural History museum placard about ancient engineering

Lana exploring the aisle of Kramer Pigments:

Female student with back to camera in aisle of store

The Art in the City crew at the “Searchlight Exhibition” that Professor Samuel Rowlett guest curated for the Art Students League of NY:

Group shot of students posing with artwork




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