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Landmark College Undergraduate Student Research Award

The Landmark College Undergraduate Student Research Award, sponsored by the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT), will be presented by the Vice President of Educational Research and Innovation (or designee) to at least one graduating student each semester at the commencement ceremony. Eligible students must be or have been actively engaged for at least one semester/intersession term in a research project under the supervision of a faculty and/or staff member. Engagement in research includes, but is not limited to, research undertaken as part of an internship, the LCIRT Research Mentorship program, and College- or grant-funded systematic investigations. Course assignments and projects not intended for generalization of findings beyond the course enrolled in (e.g., term papers; lab reports; research conducted as a class activity for the sole purpose of learning about research, research design, data collection, and data analysis; etc.) are not eligible for this award. Research-based projects involving the student(s) can be from any discipline.

The Landmark College Undergraduate Student Research Award recipient(s) will be decided by a committee organized by LCIRT and typically comprising representatives from various groups such as:

  • Faculty
  • Student Affairs
  • President’s Council
  • Institutional Effectiveness Office
  • Grants and Sponsored Programs Office

Selection criteria for the Landmark College Undergraduate Student Research Award include:

  • Anticipated graduation (or walking) at the next scheduled graduation ceremony.
  • A written nomination from the supervisor of the research project that includes a description of the project and a description of the student’s involvement in the project (including length of frequency of participation and activities engaged in).  Not to exceed 2 pages.
  • A short statement from the student about their involvement in the research project, what they learned, how this affected their experience at LC, and whether the experience may affect their longer-term education or career goals.  Not to exceed 1 page.
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