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Professional Certificate in Learning Differences (LD) and Neurodiversity

Specialization in Executive Function

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Landmark College’s Professional Certificate is an online post-baccalaureate professional development program for educators and professionals who work with students with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or other learning differences. An emphasis is placed on executive function skill training (e.g., time management, organization, initiation, working memory, cognitive flexibility, inhibitory control) to improve academic success for students who learn differently. The program uniquely integrates LCIRT’s 30+ years of research with evidence-based practices, classroom strategies, and technologies to support learning. Courses offer the convenience of online learning as well as the opportunity to interact with an engaged group of education professionals through video conferences and discussions.

The application deadline for the next set of courses is August 23, 2020

New Autism on Campus specialization to launch this year!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a second area of specialization this year, focused on Autism on Campus! Two new courses in the certificate will be offered, focused on 1) cognitive and perceptual differences, and 2) social and emotional differences students with autism face. Drawing largely on supports and programs offered at Landmark College, the focus of each course will be on understanding and supporting the needs of students in high school and post-secondary environments. To earn the new specialization, enrollees in the program will take the two new courses, along with two “core” program courses (Courses 1 and 3), and a Capstone course. Stay tuned for more information, including formal course names and descriptions!

Earn your certificate with the full series, or take individual graduate courses

You can enroll in individual three credit courses or complete all five courses to earn a Certificate in Learning Differences (LD) and Neurodiversity, with a specialization in Executive Function, from Landmark College. With the exception of the capstone, each course can be taken individually and in any order. The five courses are:

Hear from recent graduates as they describe their experience in the program:

I really like the balance of theory and practice. It helps me immensely to have the research to refer to when presenting a strategy, but I also appreciate that it’s always very clear why we delve into particular theories.”

Who will benefit from the certificate courses in learning attention and executive functioning?

  • Disability service providers
  • Transition coordinators
  • College and university professors
  • High school teachers
  • Special education teachers
  • Counselors
  • Education consultants
  • Psychologists
  • ADHD coaches
  • And more!
An LCIRT presenter works with a student on an iPad

How you will benefit from the LD Professional Certificate Courses

  • You’ll develop a deeper appreciation of the unique challenges faced by students who learn differently.
  • You’ll acquire an in-depth understanding of executive function (EF) and evidence-based practices that help students thrive in the classroom.
  • You’ll discover the dynamic role of technology in creating accessible instruction.
  • You’ll learn methods for engaging and motivating students to help them achieve their goals.

I am finding the material of this course tremendously empowering, as it gives me concrete knowledge I can invoke when discussing either a particular student’s situation or larger institutional issues.”

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Certificate Course Schedule 2019 – 2020

  • Two different courses run simultaneously during each 8-week term.
  • This allows you to start the series with Course 1 in either the fall or early spring.
  • Or you may start with any course in the program (with the exception of Course 5, the EF Capstone Project).
  • Courses are scheduled each academic year in a similar pattern as shown in the table below.
  • Courses can also be taken individually (with the exception of Course 5, the EF Capstone Project).

Read brief course descriptions or click on the links below to see the syllabus for each course.


Term Cohort I Cohort II Application Deadline
Sep 11 – Nov 8, 2020
Course 1:
Understanding and Supporting Diverse Learners
Course 4:
Online, Blended, and Classroom Technologies for Diverse Learners
Aug 23, 2020
Nov 20, 2020 – Jan 24, 2021
Course 2:
Academic Strategies and EF Supports for Students with LD, ADHD, ASD
Course 5:
EF Capstone Project
Nov 1, 2020
Spring I
Feb 5 – Apr 4, 2021
Course 3:
Student Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Motivation
Course 1:
Understanding and Supporting Diverse Learners
Jan 17, 2021
Spring II
Apr 16 – Jun 13, 2021
Course 4:
Online, Blended, and Classroom Technologies for Diverse Learners
Course 2:
Academic Strategies and EF Supports for Students with LD, ADHD, ASD
Mar 28, 2021
Jun 25 – Aug 22, 2021
Course 5:
EF Capstone Project
Course 3:
Student Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Motivation
Jun 6, 2021

Learn more about Landmark College’s Professional Certificate program on Learning Differences (LD) and Neurodiversity

Course Descriptions

Certificate Program Pricing & FAQ


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