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LCIRT Research Assistant Presents a Poster at the NEPA Conference

This is a guest post by one of the LCIRT research assistants, Alicia Keating.

Hello! Alicia Keating here. I’ve been a student at Landmark College since Fall 2012, and have worked with LCIRT since the summer of 2013. I started my work with LCIRT as an intern for the Landmark College Summer Institute, and have continued to support their Summer Institute ever since. During the school year I am a Research Assistant and I provide office support. The research project I’ve been working on for the past year is Project Evo. This project is focused on exploring the use of a tablet game in improving the cognitive performance of students who learn differently. As a research assistant, I helped develop experimental protocols and instructions, meet and run participants on the eyetracker and the TOVA software, and do plenty of data coding and backup. This October I had the wonderful opportunity of travelling to Worcester, Ma to present at the New England Psychological Association (NEPA) conference. I worked with Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki, the Director of LCIRT, on creating a poster detailing my research work and results. At the event, Undergrads, Grad students, and professionals all presented on what research they were doing. It was great to see that undergraduates at other colleges are doing work in the same field that I am. This was an exciting opportunity for a number of reasons, not the least because I want to go into cognitive neuroscience in graduate school and this will help me get there.

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