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Faculty & Staff Directory

Lena Jahn Associate Professor Core Education
Lena Jahn headshot
Clark Johnson Academic Advisor Core Advising
Clark Johnson headshot
Richard Joyce Assistant Professor Professional Studies
Richard Joyce headshot
Kimberley Judd Bookstore Manager Bookstore
Kimberley Judd headshot
Kathryn Karmen Academic Advisor / Assistant Professor Core Advising
Kathryn Karmen headshot
Melanie Keiser Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs / Office Manager Student Affairs
Melanie Keiser headshot
Kevin Keith Assistant Professor Core Education / Math Team
Kevin Keith headshot
Wade Kemp Assistant Director of Facilities Facilities
Wade Kemp headshot
Kimmy Kempf Assistant Bookstore Manager Bookstore
Kimmy Kempf headshot
Linda Kerr Associate Professor Liberal Studies
Linda Kerr headshot
Tiffany Kerylow Executive Assistant to the President President's Office
Tiffany Kerylow headshot
John Kipp Chair of Core Education Department / Associate Professor / Advising Core Education
John Kipp headshot
Michael Kirkpatrick Director of Institutional Effectiveness Academic Affairs
Michael Kirkpatrick headshot
Frank Klucken Associate Professor Core Education / Math Team
Frank Klucken headshot
John Kosakowski Technical Services Coordinator Library Services
John Kosakowski headshot
Jim Koskoris Assistant Professor Professional Studies
Jim Koskoris headshot
Adam Lalor Lead Educational Specialist Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Adam Lalor headshot
Jeanette Landin Assistant Professor Professional Studies
Jeanette Landin headshot
Jennifer Lann Director of Library Services Library Services
Jennifer Lann headshot
Lisa Lawrence Administrative Assistant Admissions
Lisa Lawrence headshot
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