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Faculty & Staff Directory

Sandra Fishler Director, Success Center Bay Area Success Center
Sandra Fishler headshot
Chaia Flegenheimer Assistant Professor, Psychology Liberal Studies
Chaia Flegenheimer headshot
Stephen Florian Assistant Professor of Writing Core Education
Stephen Florian headshot
Alice Fogel Academic Support Staff Academic Support Services
Scott Forthofer Bookstore Manager Bookstore
Kathleen Fortier Assistant Registrar, Academic Affairs Office Manager Academic Affairs
Kathleen Fortier headshot
Jason Fowler Maintenance Technician Facilities
Timothy Frederick Custodian Facilities
David Garappolo Adjunct Instructor/Fundamentals of Sports & Exercise Natural Science / STEM
Justine Gaskamp Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Debbie Gassaway-Hayward Social Pragmatics Support Assistant Student Affairs
Debbie Gassaway-Hayward headshot
Michael Gauthier Campus Safety Officer Campus Safety
Michael Gauthier headshot
Nicholas Gelbar Subject Matter Expert Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Nicholas Gelbar headshot
Michael Giannetto Director of Campus Safety Campus Safety
Michael Giannetto headshot
Sara Glennon Professor Core Education
Sara Glennon headshot
Stephen Glover Assistant Professor of Arts Fine and Performing Arts
Stephen Glover headshot
Ken Gobbo Professor Emeritus Liberal Studies
Ken Gobbo headshot
Eric Gobel-Lynch Director of Transition Programs/Head Esports Coach Athletics, Fitness & Recreation / Student Affairs
Eric Gobel-Lynch headshot
Nicole Goncalves Enrollment Management Office Manager Admissions
Nicole Goncalves headshot
Peter Gould Adjunct/Communication Professional Studies
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