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Faculty & Staff Directory

Gary Luman Assistant Accountant Administration & Finance
Douglas Lynch Assistant Professor Core Education / Math Team
Douglas Lynch headshot
Maxwell Lyttle Student Affairs
Maxwell Lyttle headshot
Jon MacClaren Executive Vice President Administration & Finance
Jon MacClaren headshot
Mary Jane MacGuire Research Services Librarian and Coordinator of the College Archives Library Services
Mary Jane MacGuire headshot
Adrienne Major Professor Liberal Studies
Adrienne Major headshot
Tabitha Mancini Director of Customer Relations and Outreach, ETOP Educational Technology & Online Programs / Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Tabitha Mancini headshot
Dan Maravell Evening Research Services Specialist Library Services
Dan Maravell headshot
Eric Matte Associate Professor of Professional Studies/Faculty Advisor for WLMC Landmark College Radio/Head Coach for Men's Basketball Professional Studies
Eric Matte headshot
Rebecca Matte Associate Professor Core Education
Rebecca Matte headshot
Kevin Mayne Vice President for Enrollment Management Admissions
Kevin Mayne headshot
Max McAuley Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions
Max McAuley headshot
Ann McCloskey Associate Professor Liberal Studies
Ann McCloskey headshot
Patrick McKenna Admissions Counselor Admissions
John “Patrick” McKenna headshot
Michael Mertes Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Michael Mertes headshot
Nick Meyer Adjunct Faculty Core Education
Daniel Miller Chair, Liberal Studies Department/Associate Professor Liberal Studies
Daniel Miller headshot
Todd Miller Assistant Professor/Physical Education Coordinator Natural Science
Todd Miller headshot
Jacala Mills Director of Counseling & Wellness Counseling & Health Services
Jacala Mills headshot
Kathleen Mimande Tele-Counselor Admissions
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