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Faculty & Staff Directory

Christopher Lenois Director of Marketing and Communications Marketing & Communications
Christopher Lenois headshot
Eve Leons Academic Advisor Core Advising / Professional Studies
Eve Leons headshot
Jessica Lindoerfer Director of Experiential Education Academic Affairs / Academic Support Services
Jessica Lindoerfer headshot
Erica Loveland Assistant Director of Admissions Counselor Admissions
Erica Loveland headshot
Michael Luciani Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Campus Life Student Affairs
Michael Luciani headshot
Rob Lutz Resident Dean and Transition at College (TaC) coordinator Residential Life
Douglas Lynch Assistant Professor Mathematics / STEM
Douglas Lynch headshot
Jon MacClaren Executive Vice President Administration & Finance
Jon MacClaren headshot
Mary Jane MacGuire Research Services Librarian and Coordinator of the College Archives Library Services
Mary Jane MacGuire headshot
Brittany Mack Assistant Director of Human Resources Human Resources
Susan MacNeil Executive Assistant to the VP Student Affairs and Office Manager Student Affairs
Adrienne Major Professor Liberal Studies
Adrienne Major headshot
Tabitha Mancini Director of Customer Relations and Outreach, ETOP Educational Technology & Online Programs / Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Tabitha Mancini headshot
Hannah Markos Assistant Professor of Education Core Education
Hannah Markos headshot
Darryl Martinez Custodian Facilities
Eric Matte Chair, Department of Professional Studies; Professor; Faculty Advisor for WLMC Landmark College Radio; Head Coach for Men's Bask Professional Studies
Eric Matte headshot
Rebecca Matte Associate Professor Core Education
Rebecca Matte headshot
Kevin Mayne Vice President for Enrollment Management Admissions
Kevin Mayne headshot
Max McAuley Associate Director of Admissions Admissions
Max McAuley headshot
Sarah McMahon Academic Advisor Core Advising
Sarah McMahon headshot
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