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Faculty & Staff Directory / Admissions

Regina Amidon Event and Recruitment Coordinator Admissions
Regina Amidon headshot
Karen Bolster Tele-Counselor for Admissions Admissions
Ferne Bork Regional Enrollment Specialist—Northeast Admissions
Ferne Bork headshot
Ashlee Charette Admissions Counselor Admissions
Ashlee Charette headshot
Jennifer DuFault Assistant Director of Enrollment Admissions
Jennifer DuFault headshot
Nicole Goncalves Administrative Assistant/Enrollment Management Admissions
Nicole Goncalves headshot
Megan Harris Administrative Assistant in Enrollment Services Admissions
Megan Harris headshot
Lisa Lawrence Assistant Director of Short-Term Programs Admissions
Lisa Lawrence headshot
Kevin Mayne Vice President for Enrollment Management Admissions
Kevin Mayne headshot
Max McAuley Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions
Max McAuley headshot
Patrick McKenna Admissions Counselor Admissions
John “Patrick” McKenna headshot
Kathleen Mimande Tele-Counselor Admissions
Michele Nice Receptionist Admissions
Michele Nice headshot
Chloe O'Hare Regional Enrollment Specialist—West Coast Admissions
Chloe O’Hare headshot
Carroll Paré Senior Director for Outreach, Partnerships, and Short-Term Programs Admissions
Carroll Paré headshot
Kemmie Roberts Enrollment Services Systems & Communications Specialist Admissions
Kemmie Roberts headshot
Sydney Ruff Director of Admissions Admissions
Sydney Ruff headshot
Kirsten Ullman Admissions Counselor Admissions
Kirsten Ullman headshot
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