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Faculty & Staff Directory

Kathleen Fortier Office Manager for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Kathleen Fortier headshot
Susan Frishberg Assistant Professor Core Education
Susan Frishberg headshot
Jean Fulton Academic Advisor/Assistant Professor Core Advising
Jean Fulton headshot
MacLean Gander Professor Core Education
MacLean Gander headshot
Debbie Gassaway-Hayward Director of Core Advising Core Advising
Debbie Gassaway-Hayward headshot
Gail Gibson Sheffield Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Gail Gibson Sheffield headshot
Sara Glennon Associate Professor Core Education
Sara Glennon headshot
Stephen Glover Assistant Professor of Arts Fine & Performing Arts
Stephen Glover headshot
Ken Gobbo Professor Liberal Studies
Ken Gobbo headshot
Nicole Goncalves Administrative Assistant/Enrollment Management Admissions
Nicole Goncalves headshot
Rich Grumbine Associate Professor Natural Science
Rich Grumbine headshot
Jordan Gundry Custodian Facilities
Roxanne Hamilton Associate Professor Professional Studies
Roxanne Hamilton headshot
Lance Harlow Groundskeeper Facilities
Lance Harlow headshot
Megan Harris Administrative Assistant in Enrollment Services Admissions
Megan Harris headshot
Ani Hawkinson Adjunct Faculty / Assistant Professor of Communication Communication & World Languages
Carrie Heath Adminstrative Assistant Facilities
Carrie Heath headshot
Linda Hecker Professor Emeritus Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Linda Hecker headshot
Tech Support Help Desk Information Technology
Christie Herbert Program Coordinator, B.A. in Studio Arts Fine & Performing Arts
Christie Herbert headshot
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