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Companion blog for Voices, a Landmark College student publication

About Voices

Voices debuted in the Fall of 2019 as the latest in a long string of campus publications that have come and gone over the years. This Spring, the Leadership Practicum course, in fact the very first Leadership Practicum course, a new staple in the equally-new BA-COMEL program, was given a task that had yet to be achieved at Landmark College: create a self-sustaining, autonomous student publication, totally produced by and for Landmark students, with minimal faculty oversight. To do this, we had to fly the airplane while we built it. Starting from scratch, the many specialized jobs necessary in the process of publication production were divided among members of the practicum, by preference and individual skill set, to establish the organizational structure needed for continuation of this publication for indefinite years to come.

To put a capstone on this accomplishment, the class also produced a constitution outlining our mission and carefully considered bylaws. This is essentially the manual by which to guide students who follow in our various roles within Voices after we’ve moved on.

We would like to collectively thank Dr. Gander for his guidance as our Leadership Practicum professor, Dean Burgess for charging us with the task and facilitating the provision of needed support and resources throughout this arduous process, and Dr. Kepes for his wonderful support with page formatting and layout. And finally, we would like to thank all of the talented Landmark students who submitted their work for consideration; it was a real treat to review it all, and we hope the student body will remain engaged with this publication as it continues from here on out. Voices was the Leadership Practicum in the Spring of 2020, but its continuation will be in the form of 1 credit courses in future semesters!

For those who like what you see and want to be part of the continuation of Voices as an official staffer, reach out to your advisor about the accredited opportunities Voices has to offer!

-- Originally published in Spring 2020, Volume 1, Issue 3

Staff (Spring 2021) 

Lauren Orser - Digital Editor/Graphic Design

Lucas Sillars - Publisher/Editor

Adam Sherman - Literary Editor

Jack Belinski - Literary Editor/Outreach

George Crosby - Journalism/Nonfiction Editor

Victor Grandet - Public Relations/Outreach

Voices Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Note: While the Landmark College web site serves as the host for Voices, the College is not responsible for the content found on this blog; nor are the views and opinions expressed here necessarily shared or endorsed by the institution. 

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