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Companion blog for Voices, a Landmark College student publication

Student “Voices” Comes to Landmark College

by Bill Drake 

For the first time in Landmark College’s history, an entirely student run publication has been published. Voices magazine, which made its debut in Fall Term of 2019, showcases the talents of the student body in journalism, creative writing, and art.

In the past, publications involving student work have been run by faculty with student assistance or were run from a class with faculty oversight. This issue of Voices, however, has been produced entirely by students on every level, from calls for submissions to choosing which pieces to put in the magazine to layout.

The students involved in the new structure of Voices are in a high-level Leadership class: The Guided Leadership Practicum. This class was tasked with producing and distributing this term’s issue of Voices, creating an editorial process that only involves other students, and creating a sustainable model for the future teams of students to run, including building an online presence for the magazine.

“I think that the most important is the idea that we are trying to create an entirely student run publication,” said Professor Mac Gander, who oversees the course.  “We are also trying to create something that will be sustainable and that doesn’t depend on a certain class running.”

In coming terms, Voices will be run by students taking 3000-level courses specific to jobs within the hierarchy of the magazine.  When asked to comment on Voices, Geoff Burgess said, “"Writers use "voice" to capture the outlook and the shifts in emotions that expresses the personality of a character. In a similar but different way, the publication "Voices" is like a frame for a picture to highlight Landmark students warmth, joy, fear, and ambivalence that expresses their personality. It is to assert 'I am here and here I say'".

Originally published in Spring 2020, Volume 1, Issue 3

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