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Our Mission


Landmark College’s mission is to transform the way students learn, educators teach, and the public thinks about education. We provide highly accessible approaches to learning that empower individuals who learn differently to exceed their aspirations and to achieve their greatest potential. Through the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training, the College aims to extend its mission across the nation and throughout the world.


To fulfill our mission and provide a transformative educational experience, the College and our community remain dedicated to an ethos built on innovation, service to students with LDs, and willingness to continually grow and reinvent ourselves. To distinguish the College as the premier institution for students who learn differently, we plan to evolve in a disciplined but entrepreneurial way in response to changing LD education needs, societal needs and opportunities, and career aspirations of our students. The College aims to be identified as a leader in the post-secondary LD education field, and to engage in collaborative and strategic alliances that will ensure our position as enduring pioneers. We are resolute in our commitment to embrace emerging, alternative technologies and learning environments that are changing the higher education industry today, in a way that best serves our LD-based systems and students. An overall environment optimized for student learning and living success, and which provides strategies, tools, and confidence for wellness and life-long competencies, remains a critically important element that contributes to the genius loci of our campus. Everything we do now and plan to do in the future is built on an understanding that student access to our programs is imperative — and directly linked to financial strength and institutional sustainability.

Institutional Planning & Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness is the extent to which an institution fulfills its mission. Landmark College examines institutional effectiveness on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous quality improvement in all areas related to serving students and other core activities central to the College’s mission. Institutional effectiveness at Landmark College is demonstrated through four key processes: assessment, institutional research, accreditation, and strategic planning.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, reporting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, is charged with facilitating campus-wide efforts of research, assessment, planning, and accreditation to ensure continuous quality improvement in the fulfillment of the College’s mission. Through institutional and program level assessment, the office ensures programmatic excellence and effective student learning practices. Through institutional research activities, the Office provides reliable and timely data to inform college-wide decision making and planning. Furthermore, by ensuring that Landmark College's program is closely aligned with the expectations of its accrediting body, NECHE, the Office demonstrates to prospective students, their families, and the general public that Landmark College meets rigorous external standards of quality assurance. Finally, through campus-wide coordination of our strategic planning processes, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness contributes to the sustainability of Landmark College and assures that the College will effectively meet its goals and continue its mission well into the future.

Landmark College's 2022-2026 Strategic Plan is now available.

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