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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness is the extent to which an institution fulfills its mission. Landmark College examines institutional effectiveness on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous quality improvement in all areas related to serving students and other core activities central to the College’s mission. Institutional effectiveness at Landmark College is demonstrated through four key processes: assessment, institutional research, accreditation, and strategic planning.

The Director of Institutional Effectiveness reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, coordinating, directing, and communicating planning and development processes and projects related to strategic initiatives and accreditation, and assuring that assessment and evaluation are integrated into ongoing strategic planning and development.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness performs and directs activities to ensure continuous quality improvement in key areas related to the fulfillment of the College’s mission. Through the conduct and support of assessment, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness contributes to programmatic excellence and student learning. Through institutional research activities, the Office provides reliable and timely data to inform college-wide decision making and planning. Furthermore, by ensuring that Landmark College's program is closely aligned with the expectations of its accrediting body, NECHE, the Office demonstrates to prospective students, their families, and the general public that its program meets rigorous external standards of quality assurance. Finally, by supporting and propagating strategic planning processes, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness contributes to the sustainability of Landmark College and assures that the College will effectively meet its goals and continue its mission well into the future.

Landmark College's 2022-2026 Strategic Plan


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