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  • London Day 1

    A packed 24 hours

  • First night on St. Thomas

    Settling in at Tillett Gardens and first group dinner.

  • Happy Holidays! (2019)

    More than two dozen Landmark College alumni from all over the world—Hong Kong to Pakistan, San Francisco to Boston, Oregon to Louisiana—wish you all Happy Holidays along with President Peter Eden!

  • Certificate Program Scholarship

    We are pleased to announce scholarship funding is now available for our Learning Differences (LD) and Neurodiversity Certificate Program! Through the generous support of the Clara Freshour Nelson Foundation, we will be offering scholarships to individuals enrolled in the Landmark College online graduate certificate program in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity:…

  • ADHD: A stressful simulation

    Landmark College Student Gabrian Raphael created this video in his Digital Foundations course this semester. In his description, Gabrian writes “Keeping in mind that everyone with ADHD experiences it differently, the experience portrayed in this video is as true to life for me as I could make it.” This semester,…

  • Two and a half weeks to departure!

    London Study Abroad begins January 4th, 2020.

  • Fall 2019 Commencement

    Photos and video from the December 14 ceremony

  • Lisa and Steven Broomer

    Lisa and Steven Broomer, parents of alumnus Mark Broomer '19 talk about why they give to Landmark College.

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