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Spring 2022 Commencement Recap

A picture of the stage at Commencement after all the graduating students and faculty have filed in. They are still standing as the bagpipe player who led the procession walks away down the center aisle.


Young man with long curly black hair and slight goatee smiles at camera. He is wearing a graduation cap and gown. Landmark College welcomed 79 graduates into the Alumni Association during a Commencement ceremony held Saturday, May 14 2022 in the Click Family Sports Center. Among them was Chase O'Brien (right), the first student to earn a Bachelor of Science in Life Science from LC.







Montage of two male students in graduation caps and gowns on stage at graduation ceremony. At left, the student has short black hair and glasses. At right, the student has long braided hair and a full black beard

Two members of the 2020 graduating class Daniel Shin and Indigo Pagan (pictured right) also walked the stage and made remarks, fulfilling the promise made by Landmark College President Peter Eden that any graduate whose ceremony was pre-empted by COVID-19 was welcome to participate in a future ceremony.    






Gray-haired man in light blue button down shirt sits with hands folded at a table with library bookshelves behind him.

The ceremony included recognition of several Landmark College faculty and staff members who are retiring. Board of Trustees Chair Barbara Epifanio read their names from the stage, culminating with founding faculty member Dan Toomey (pictured right), who received a standing ovation when she announced he has been appointed Professor Emeritus.  



Watch the Video Replay


Program (click cover image for PDF)



Academic Awards

The Community Service Award is given to the students who have unselfishly given of themselves and to the activities of the Landmark College community. WINNERS (left to right): Meredith Robertson and Lauren Orser (right)





Montage of 2 student photos. At left, Student with brown eyes and dark hair tucked full under graduation cap faces camera and smiles with closed mouth. At right, Student with short brown hair and blue eyes faces the camera and smiles.

The Academic Deans’ Award is given to the student who has best demonstrated the qualities that define academic success at Landmark College. These qualities include hard work, seriousness toward learning, intellectual development, and measurable achievement, such as grades.
WINNERS (left to right): Katherine Addison (Associate) and Sarah Kersey (Bachelor's)






Photo montage of 2 students. At left, student with short black hair and full beard looking right of camera and smiling. He is wearing a blue t-shirt with the Landmark College logo. At right, student with long straight brown hair and brown glasses, wearing an open plaid flannel shirt with a plain white t-shirt underneath, is facing left of camera and smiling.

The Undergraduate Research Award Undergraduate Research Award is given to students who exhibit active engagement in a research project in any discipline under the supervision of a faculty/staff member for at least one semester or intersession term. WINNERS (left to right): Gerald Belton and Oscar Gal





Photo montage of young woman with long magenta braids pulled back by a black headband smiling while looking right of camera on the left. On the right, a young man with brown eyes and short black hair, wearing graduation cap and gown looks directly at camera and smiles

The Charles Drake Award is given to a student who has inspired the community by his or her personal qualities. This student is not a quitter and lives in the tradition of Dr. Charles Drake, whose vision and courage helped found the College. This student gives 100 percent, goes the extra mile, and perseveres in pursuit of his or her goals. This student helps the rest of us realize that we have more resources to draw upon than we think, and helps us keep going when we feel discouraged.
WINNERS (left to right): Kadina Erwin and Kenneth Cooper





Photo montage of male student with short brown hair and horizontal striped shirt faces camera and smiles slightly on left. On the right, is a young woman with long, red hair standing outdoors and smiling while facing slightly left of camera. She is wearing a light blue zip-up jacket with a Landmark College logo.

The President’s Award is given to the student who has best exemplified the principles we believe in here at Landmark College. The student is talented and energetic, meets difficulties head on, works hard, and is dedicated to his or her studies. This student also finds time to contribute to the well-being of other persons and to the life of the Landmark College community as a whole.
WINNERS (left to right): Will Donohue and Katherine Marroni




Class Gift

Image of student Carter Griffith and President Peter Eden, both in graduation regalia, standing on the commencement stage holding an oversized check in the amount of 1,022.22. They are both looking to their left  at student Meredith Robertson, who is making remarks at the podium while wearing a protective mask.
The Class of 2022 presented President Peter Eden with a class donation to provide scholarship support to future Landmark College students, as well as support for radio station WLMC and the Centers for Diversity & Inclusion.


Spring 2022 Graduates 


Associate of Arts in General Studies
Chloe Ammerman-Gerke Paige Duhl Eric Guditz Alexander Larson*


Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies
Katherine Addison Ziad Almuzaini* Faith Anzul Ellie Attridge
Hannah Carr-Lonoff* Kenneth Cooper Patrick Devine Will Donohue*
Kadina Erwin* Zachary Haggis Abby Jones Holly Kasten
Eden Kayser* Justice Knight-Garrison Maren Lindberg Andrew Manderson
Cullin McGregor Devin McHale* Matthew Rodrigues Angus Simmons
Nicolas Sinaiko Justin St. Martin    


Associate of Arts in Business Studies
Chandra Becker* Lucas Diaz James Downey  


Associate of Science in Computer Science
Andrew Barrows* Gerald Belton Wolf Elkan Zachary Mankowitz
Quinten Miller Henry Rosenberg    


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Associate of Science in Life Science
Jacob Borsh Luke Dammer* Eric Ellman Oscar Gal*
Sophia Jajodia Kayla Patterson William Tinsley Michael Vittum


Note: Each Baccalaureate student was required to complete a capstone project of their choosing. 

Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Jason Dewald Voices: Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies

Destany Hankard

Shark Food: The Journey of Creating and Closing a Food Delivery Service at a Rural Campus
Lauren Orser The Center for Mental Health and Wellness: A Blueprint for Establishing a Mental Health Resource Center for Neurodiverse Students


Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Carter Griffith The Role of Black Professional Athletes During Different Historical Civil Rights Movements


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Alexandra Jassin Disability Bias Training for K-12 Classroom Teachers
Sarah Kersey⧫ Reducing the Harm of Masking: An Identity-Based Approach
Katie Marroni Adapting Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Techniques for A Neurodiverse Classroom


Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
Kamil Al-Lamki A Day Dream
Nicholas Blackwood Click to Add Title 2 (electric boogaloo)
Mark Cassidy Self-Discovery of Aesthetics
Declan O'Flaherty Written and Performed by


Bachelor of Science in Life Science
Chase O'Brien What Factors Influence the Abundance of Red Backed Salamanders? 


Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity: Specialization in Executive Function
MaryAnn Frisina Amy Gillespie Tina Hardy Mary Hickey
Kelly Hronick Natalie Levitan Shan-Lee Liu Amanda Manning
Heather O'Neill Elizabeth Sherk Sabrina Strong-Nasabal Maureen Whitestone


Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity: Specialization in Autism on Campus and Online
Sarah Owocki      


Symbol Key

°Golden Key Honor Society
* Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
∞ Computer Science
⧫ Communication
Ω Psychology
ʮ Humanities
€ Environmental Science
¤ Education

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