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Spring 2021 Commencement recap

A man in kilt playing bagpipes leads students wearing graduation caps and gowns toward graduation stage

After virtual ceremonies in Spring and Fall 2020, it was wonderful to again have students in-person at their own graduation. In a nod to COVID-19 protocols that limited guest attendance, the ceremony was still livestreamed for anyone to enjoy from anywhere, with a live chat that allowed viewers to post their own congratulatory messages to the graduates.








Watch the full ceremony

Thank you to Brattleboro Community Television for livestreaming our commencement ceremonies.


Cover of Spring 2021 Commencement program with College seal, black and white group photo of graduates and date/time for ceremony


Click the image for a PDF version of the program.








Student Sonia Shohet

The Community Service Award is given to the student who has unselfishly given of themselves to the activities of the Landmark College community.
WINNER: Sonia Shohet.








The Academic Deans’ Award is given to the student who has best demonstrated the qualities that define academic success at Landmark College. These qualities include hard work, seriousness toward learning, intellectual development, and measurable achievement, such as grades.
WINNERS (Left to Right): Samuel Mortinger (Bachelor’s); Lana Deane (Associate)

Side by side photos of Samuel Mortinger in gray shirt and black jacket with no necktie on left, on right a photo ID of Lana Deane facing camera. She has shoulder length blond hair and is wearing a multi-colored top


Katie LaBombard, a woman with long, curly brown hair and glasses. She is dressed in a black graduation cap and gown with a gold honors sashThe Charles Drake Award is given to a student who has inspired the community by his or her personal qualities. This student is not a quitter and lives in the tradition of Dr. Charles Drake, whose vision and courage helped found the College. This student gives 100 percent, goes the extra mile, and perseveres in pursuit of his or her goals. This student helps the rest of us realize that we have more resources to draw upon than we think, and helps us keep going when we feel discouraged.
WINNER: Katie LaBombard






A close up of Micah looking at the camera and smiling. He has very short brown hair and a wispy mustache. He is wearing glasses and blue shirt on top of a white t-shirt.

The President’s Award is given to the student who has best exemplified the principles we believe in here at Landmark College. The student is talented and energetic, meets difficulties head on, works hard, and is dedicated to his or her studies. This student also finds time to contribute to the well-being of other persons and to the life of the Landmark College community as a whole.
WINNER: Micah Sherman-Raz







Presentation of Class Gift

Katlyn Brooks (at podium) presented the Spring 2021 Class Gift to President Peter Eden (left)and Associate Director of Alumni Relations Tricia Stanley (right). The funds will support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion scholarships for future students.


Spring 2020 Graduates


Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies
Amelia Breslin* William Hyams James Pirruccello Raphael Stein
Maria Clark* John Iannaccone Michael Poulin Zachary Steinbaum
Lana Deane William Johnson David Reyes Jonathan Tauro
Patrick Devine Walter Kennedy Chloe Rogers Jarel Thomas
Emily Estko Liam Miller Zackary Roy John Vasquez
Samuel Evans Lucy Morgan Eric Shreckengast Jonathan Williams
Liz Gilkey  EJ Ogbomo Alexander Silberman Cameron Witt
Drew Higashihara Ryan Pacheco Hannah Stein  


Associate of Arts in Business Studies
Katlyn Brooks*
Jared Breton
Lyla Kelley


Associate of Science in Computer Science
Serik Czarnecki
Joey Mancuso
Trey Stevens


Associate of Science in Life Science
Kathleen Gembczynski
Eva Rafferty
Timothy Turley
Ben Wright


Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Mackenzie Bacastow Capstone: Flipping for Change: Renovating old properties to promote affordable housing
Inna Broadbent Capstone: Wolves and Ranchers: A look into the conflict between conservationists and ranchers in the Northwest and what is being done to help wolves and ranchers co-exist
George Crosby Capstone: Building Environmentalism at Landmark: A proposal to create an apiary and a robust composting program on the college campus 
Katie LaBombard° Capstone: Smuggle Buddies: An executive business plan 
Michael Margolin Capstone: Relational Loss & Mortality Loss as Human Experiences
Gabrian Raphael° Capstone: We Have the News: The development and production of a short film at Landmark College
Micah Sherman-Raz Capstone: Sustainability in the Fire Service: Restoring and strengthening the backbones of our rural communities


Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Madison Pardi Capstone: PTSD and Anxiety Disorders and Horse and Dog Therapy
Steven Sandy Capstone: Wastewater Testing as an Indicator for Infectious Viruses: Consideration of implementation at Landmark College
Adam Sherman Capstone: Political Games: A deck-building game to teach about American politics
Sonia Shohet Capstone: Children's Book About White Allyship


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Marc Catanese° Senior Seminar: Restructuring CBT for Adolescents
Emily King° Senior Seminar: Adapting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Neurodivergent Individuals
Victor Tomelden Children Separated at the Border: Trauma and healing


Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
Guz Zarefsky Capstone: Quiet Spaces Discovered 


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Samuel Mortinger° Capstone: RESUMATION: An easy resume', cover letter, and portfolio creation website
Reece Rountree-Hanscom° Capstone: IDEAR: An Android mobile device application that reads text aloud from photos taken with the device's camera


Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity
Laura Alford Kathy Cross Katherine Fisher Kimberlie Musto
Caroline Brosnan Dina Djunaedi Sarah Gilbert Janell Yonkman
Lota Cobb Sara Fabricant Todd Miller  


Symbol Key

°Golden Key Honor Society
* Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
∞ Computer Science
⧫ Communication
Ω Psychology
ʮ Humanities
€ Environmental Science
¤ Education

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