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New issue of Voices available

In Spring 2020, Landmark College students launched a new publication that features journalism, poetry, fiction, art, and commentary. While previous students publications have come and gone, Voices, is made more sustainable with the advent of our Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership degree. Students in that program have assumed leadership over the entire process with guidance from the BA COMEL and Professional Studies faculty, among others. 

The first issue of Fall 2020 is available now as PDF, with two more issues planned for this semester. A companion blog is also in works. 

Click the cover art to read Volume 2, issue 1 of Voices now. 

Cover of Voices, volumne 2 issue one includes a photo taken from the base of a tall tree, looking up at blue sky through autumn-colored foliage

For past issues of Voices, click here

To contact the Voices staff, email

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