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LD Awareness Month Activities

Fun Fact: President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October as National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month in 1985—the same year Landmark College was founded!

It is also Dyslexia Awareness Month and ADHD Awareness Month, which allows many organizations to collaborate on the common goal of raising awareness and increasing understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with LD, and what is being done to help them succeed.

For Landmark College, these goals are a year-round mission, but some specific ways we have focused on observing #LDAwarenessMonth include:

*Hosting two public screenings of Normal Isn’t Real: Succeeding with Learning Disabilities & ADHD that included bringing filmmaker Krys Kornmeier to campus. Krys was part of a panel discussion with Landmark College students and faculty about the issues raised in the film during an evening screening that coincided with dozens of educational professional visiting campus. She also met with a group of middle and high school students from the area following a screening held the next morning.

*A “Neurodiversity Goes to Work” program that brought officials from EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and JP Morgan Chase to campus for presentations and workshops related to employment opportunities for individuals with LD. Both of these organizations have been at the vanguard of the movement to regard neurodiversity as an asset to a workplace. They shared thoughts with our students about hiring practices, workplace accommodations, and offered a chance to take part in mock job interviews. 

*Working with New Jersey Family on a series of articles that address issues around educating students with learning differences:

Math Anxiety: Fact or Fiction – Dr. Michelle Bower

Motivating Students to Exceed Through High Expectations – Dr. Manju Banerjee

Why Sports and LD Can Lead to Excellence – Rebecca Matte

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