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Online Dual Enrollment Animated Testimonial Video

Video Transcript


You know, I was always getting constant bad grades. And I'd be like, how come all these other kids are getting it? And then I started realizing that our brains work differently. They're wired differently. For them it's like 10 times easier than it is for me because of my dysgraphia, dyslexia, and the ADHD. 

I took two courses for dual enrollment at Landmark. With the composition course, I was able to work with my teacher, to figure out this is the issue that I have, let's figure out how to work this issue into a solution. 

Helped me like talk better to teachers. I feel like they did an amazing job to help me prepare for college. 

You know, I got to learn a little bit about what college might be like through that course. And I think that made me realize a lot about what I wanted to do in college. 

It's going to challenge you, but it's going to be really helpful. Because once you get to college, you know what you're expecting. 

But so when I took dual enrollment, it really built up my confidence of being able to go to a school that's in the top five in the nation. So Landmark really did help me with the college process, because I would not have applied to those schools if I didn't think that I would be successful in college with my disabilities. 


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